Scout aircraft can now be launched from ships and assigned a path to follow. Aircraft continuously follow the specified path, returning to their ship to refuel.

Once set up, a scouting path does not need to be managed unless;
- scout is shot down
- ship launching it is sunk or released from command
- the path requires editing or a manual course is desired

Scouts continue to fly at night so as not to require setting up all scouts the following morning.

Any Air Group with 1 member gains access to the scouting UI making it possible to launch any aircraft desired, with or without a payload, and set it up as a scout.
Carrying a payload will reduce the maximum range a scout can fly before having to refuel.

To use automated scouting:

1) Select a ship with aircraft and click the Scout button.


A single aircraft of the first valid type on that ship is launched.
- Cannot launch if ship is currently on Air Op cool down
- Cannot launch if outside Air Op hours (however once launched will repeat path, even after Air Op hours)

2) Map out a path using the waypoint buttons.


Clicking the centre button (ship) will clear the path.

3) Aircraft will continuously follow the specified path.

To opt into the beta:

1) Right click War on the Sea in your Steam library, go to properties/betas and you should have new tabs listing other available versions.

2) Password to access the beta is: warontheseabeta
Use the pulldown to select the beta version.
It should then begin to download.

3) When you run the game the version number should read 1.08d3.