Dear skippers,

We are getting close to the release day of the update B129, so we decided to give a word how things stand at this point and give you a quick summary of what to expect from the update.


Release date
We plan to publish update B129 on the unstable branch in the middle of May. At this point, we will work closely with the community to polish it before publishing it as the current stable version.

We are also going to prepare one more dev diary at April 25th before the update is released.

Team expansion
We are happy to say that our humble team has grown a bit again. We are doing this to deliver more and better polished content for UBOAT in the future.

Last month, we joined forces with a scene designer, recruited from the UBOAT community. This time our team welcomed a new programmer and one more coder will join us later in May.

About the update
We hope that this update will bring improvements to the areas of the game that we thought needed them most. Please take a look at our dev diaries to find out what exactly this update means for the game:

UBOAT AnnouncementSun, February 7, 2021
B129 Dev Diary #1: Campaign & reworked narration
Hello skippers! We prepared a first video in a series that will introduce to you the features upcoming in B129.

UBOAT AnnouncementSun, February 21, 2021
B129 Dev Diary #2: Milk cows & radio rework
Hello skippers, We prepared a second dev log video for B129. Enjoy! You will hear more from us soon as there is still a considerable amount of work to be done.

UBOAT AnnouncementSun, March 7, 2021
B129 Dev Diary #3: Hydrophone upgrade & seamless area transitions
Dear skippers, We prepared a third dev diary on the way to B129. This time we focused on technical improvements that come with this update. Take a look!

UBOAT AnnouncementSun, March 21, 2021
B129 Dev Diary #4: Torpedo attacks, damage control, air raids
Dear skippers, We prepared a fourth dev diary during the work on B129. This time we present various improvements all around related to torpedo attacks, damage control and air...

UBOAT AnnouncementSun, April 4, 2021
B129 Dev Diary #5: Prize rules and inspections
Dear skippers, We prepared a fifth dev diary during the work on B129. This time we describe prize rules, merchant ship inspections, ship scuttling and new types of goods.

Why large update
The reason is that most of the large improvements introduced in B129 are deeply connected with each other.

We were preparing for this update for a long time and since we were aware that this one may take longer than usual, we used it as an opportunity to grow the team as well as experiment with the video dev diaries.

Full release
We will still work on at least one more update (B130) to make remaining things straight and address your feedback, before we will be ready to let the UBOAT sail out of the Early Access waters. It seems that the summer is the most probable time frame for that right now.

Thank you for your continued support and helping us to develop UBOAT into the final shape!