Dear skippers,

We are back with the last dev diary before publishing version B129. Take a look:

Spoilerless map & user interface
We listened to your feedback and removed spoilers from the map and user interface. Valuable information such as a ship type or affiliation is no longer visible right away. We also removed all mentions about the encountered group type from the user interface.


Discipline rework
We also listened to your feedback in regards of the discipline system and developed it into something better. Instead of just the discipline game now also tracks stress. While discipline now usually changes over long term, stress on the other hand is short lived and appears during the combat. When the stress gets out of control, it may cause unwanted events such as panic attacks, but as long as you maintain high discipline on the ship your crew is less affected by it.


Diesel smoke
We added a smoke effect for the u-boat that appears when diesel engines are used. It raises visibility of your ship to the enemy, but assigning an engineer with a proper skill to the engines usually eliminates it completely.


Hydrophones dead zone
All hydrophones now have a dead zone behind them. This mechanic may be exploited for advantage by positioning behind the enemy where he cannot detect your ship.

Torpedo improvements
Torpedoes now have turn limits, that make it impossible to launch them at targets behind the launcher. We also ensured that torpedoes closely keep the depth set during the launch.

Lastly, torpedo explosion effects were improved for better satisfaction from the hunts.


That's all that we prepared for this video. Thank you for your attention, stay safe and see you soon!