Dear skippers,

We prepared a fourth dev diary during the work on B129. This time we present various improvements all around related to torpedo attacks, damage control and air raids at ports. Take a look!

Welcome to the fourth UBOAT development log for the upcoming update 129. This time we will focus on some of the upcoming combat upgrades. Let's get started.

Torpedo attacks
Torpedo attacks were upgraded in many ways. The torpedo launch sequence is now fully animated. We also upgraded related visuals, including torpedo models, effects as well as most of the accompanying audio. Another addition is that torpedo launches now consume compressed air reserves.


Crew management
Since this update, sailors react to leaks appearing on the ship and try to slow them down to aid the officers with the repairs. In addition, to reach the damages that are hard to access, crew stacks boxes to stand on them.

To help you with managing the crises we added a special order to the TAB menu to immediately close all hatches on the ship.

To improve the awareness of what's going on the ship, we added an icon of the performed action above each officer's head.


Air raids
There are now audible air raid sirens installed in the ports for a better immersion. All characters present in a port run and hide inside the buildings after hearing it. Small, but important addition is that when fighting the aircraft, it's now possible to manually reload the gun by pressing a hotkey.


That's all that we prepared for this diary. Thank you for watching and see you soon in the next video!

Deep Water Studio