Hi everyone,

We want to let you know that the U9 patch is just around the corner, and will have several significant bug & server crash fixes coming. We will provide a full changelog and update the community early next week on the planned patch release date. We are currently very hard at work on U10 and eastern front content, as well as lots of QOL improvements that we feel will move the game forward in a big way. We will follow up in the coming weeks on more U10 goodness, but for now something a little different:

We are happy to announce the first HLL

video content competition

, and are extremely excited to see what the community will create and share with us. We’ve seen huge amounts of incredible content created since our launch into Early Access, and we want to officially showcase some of the best!

We’ve outlined the two video-specific categories this time around - but don’t worry, we'll have future competitions with different categories - especially if screenshots, photoshop and fan art is more your thing. Lastly, please keep bad language to a minimum, we are keen to share this content and large amounts of bad language will make that harder!

Here are the following categories for this competition:


FILMING PRIVATE RYAN - Community/Clan Cinematic
Create a Hell Let Loose cinematic incorporating your community & multiple community/clan members. Be as creative as you want.

- One submission per community/clan
- Duration: 1 to 10 minutes (please don't exceed 10 minutes!)
- If using voice lines, english speaking is preferred (so we as judges can understand) but all
languages are welcome.


Representation of your Community/Clan in the game. This could be a street sign, poster or other asset in game, that subtly references your clan/community in a new or existing map. Your community will also get 12 HLL STEAM game keys.

Runner Up Prize:
6 Hell Let Loose STEAM game keys.

WE WANT YOU! - First person perspective Individual Highlight / Proudest moments reel
A video showing your proudest moments. It must be all original content, recorded by you.

- One submission per person
- Duration: 20 seconds to 2 minutes

WE WANT YOU! Winners Prize:
An in game portrait painting done by our very own DannyArt. And 5 HLL STEAM game keys.

Runner Up Prize:
3 HLL game keys.

Please upload your video to youtube and complete the form below including your full name, email address and Discord name & ID.

Submission Form - http://bit.ly/HLLcontentComp

We will be doing further content competitions in the coming months. If you have any issues or questions about your submission, feel free to DM Spono in the official HLL Discord.

All submissions must be uploaded to Youtube, and submissions must be made using this form by 2pm GMT, May 17th.

*Please note:

We may ask for your original file if you are a winner or runner-up so we can ensure good quality when we share it across our channels, so please don't delete them! Prize/Reward will be discussed with the submitter and contacted by email, original content only will be considered and proof will be required. All submissions may be considered for highlighting on our social channels.

Dev Brief 123 - Introducing Kursk! http://bit.ly/DevBrief123

That’s all from us this week.

See you on the frontline! o7
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