With heavy damage from a recent attack by a British Spitfire, I was doing my best to limp back to the American runway. On my way back I couldn't help but notice a heavily damaged Spitfire with smoke spewing out his tail. I made a decision to go in for an attack. I wasn't as badly damaged as he was so I knew I could take him plus I had the altitude.
As the smirk came over my face for the eminent victory I decided to take a drink of my hot coffee. As I nosed my plane down for the attack the next thing on my screen made me spit coffee.
"You Have Been Exploded by Temper"
OH the agony!

Actually, it was a good fight and props go off to each and every man at the battle.

We did have some problem with 'certain' pilots, but a quick boot from the SysOps and that was a done deal. I would like to mention here that the Ref's and SysOps had their hands full and did a great job. For those "certain" pilots .. lets get in shape and not try and disrrupt the room/game for the rest of us .. shame on you!
So go on over to the US Air Attack site and tell everyone hello if you were there. Hey! Even swap some war stories and shoot an email to me if you would like it posted in the Tides Ezine.