Community Info Update - 8/28/2017


Dec 5, 2003
From The ToWNet Team:
Ladies and gentlemen, first, let us start with our deepest apologies for the recent turmoil. We know some of you already know what happened and others do not know. So, we wanted to take the time to give those who aren't aware the details.

About a week ago our web services went down. At first we believed it was just normal downtime. This does happen at any host from time to time. However; after 24 hours of the website not coming back online we knew something was wrong. After investigation we found that the company that hosted us, shut down. This happened without warning or prior notice to customers.

That brings you up to speed. Now we want to let you know what we have done, and what we are planning on doing.

We do have a stable, reliable host at this point. Our new host has 24/7 tech support and the server is on litespeed, which will help improve our website speed and overall performance. We did lose some data, but it isn't beyond recovery. Our site basically rolled back a year and we lost a year of data. Now, some of you think this might be a bad thing. Hindsight is 20/20, and we are thankful that we had this backup and didn't lose 15 years of data. We are in the process of creating backups on a automatic process so this doesn't happen to us again.

Community wise, we are going to be doing some major overhauls to bring our gaming community up to speed in terms of content, services, and looks.
Some of the forums are not visible. We are in the process of reviewing that content and the majority of it will possibly be "archived" for viewing purposes only. With the introduction of "clubs", we will be shifting some of the groups to that platform so the leaders of those groups can have control over their own content.

Going forward we would like you, our community members, to give us feedback about what you like and don't like. We are looking for feedback from you about the color scheme, the navigation, usability, and ease of access to content. I will be setting up a new forum for this specific purpose and we look forward to working with you to bring you a great community experience here at Tides of War.


Your ToWNet Team


ToW Club President
Dec 20, 2005
What we are:

Tides of War is a PC Gaming Community "For like minded individuals" (Est. 1999).
A multi-play war gaming community focused on its members. With a driving force of world wide dedicated altruistic gamer's the games our members follow aren't just played by us, they are crafted, shaped, and influenced by us! Our Communications, Forums, Game Servers, Chat Hosting, and Clan hosting, might be just what your group might like! Contact a Community leader to see how it might benefit your group !