The Hunt For Red October

Ok, I'll admit it, it's not exactly a WW2 vintage film, but it is without a doubt, perhaps the zenith of submarine movies.

Captain Marco Ramius, beloved son of the Soviet Union, is empowered to take out the new boat, the Red October. British Intelligence have discovered a couple of anomolies in the construction of the submarine, and in the first and only appearance in the Jack Ryan triology, Alec Baldwin makes a transatlantic flight to deliver the news, albeit too late. What follows is a great cloak and dagger chase across the oceans as Ramius and the crew attempt to defect to the USA with the entire Soviet navy gunning for them.

First up, let's start with the most obvious, how much better would this film had been if Harrison Ford had been able to play Jack Ryan, rather than leaving it to the second film in the series to replace Bladwin?

Secondly, a buddy of mine (waves to Mike at Point Loma) who spent many years as a cold war sub captain in the USA, was the US Naval advisor and stand-in on the "Dallas" for this film. He tells me that aside from one minor technical error, the view and layout of both types of submarines is entirely accurate.

Back to the film - so, a very distingushed Sean Connery and Sam Neil, are attempting to run from the Soviet Navy, whilst their crew compliment includes, amongst others, Tim Curry. On the other team, the eternal Government man James Earl Jones brings a likeable persona to the otherwise "duck and weave" tactics of the Admiral, and Scott Glenn's equally commanding voice lend itself to the Captain of the Dallas.

Mark it down, this is one of the few films that should be in everyone's video or DVD colection. I have heard (second hand) that the DVD release leaves a bit to be desired, but otherwise, just as good as the movie.


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