Run Silent Run Deep

Another one of those submarine stories that was eventually turned into a movie, but it was a book beforehand.

Author Edward BEACH wrote the novel in 1955 about the exploits of a composite submarine captain, Edward "Rich" Richardson prior to the bombing of Pearl harbour. Rich brings his crew through training exercises and drills in Maryland before his first war assignment in Area Seven, off the tip of Japan, where fortune allows him to escape from Bungo Pete, a Japanese Escort destroyer.

Rich's persona and ever apparent lust for his XO's wife (Footnote: don't go there dude) becomes extrapilated when Rich is injured by shelling from a Q-Ship. The movie versions starts at this point as Rich rehabilitates himself and whilst performing duty as Attack Officer in the Training School, develops tactics and an attitude of vengence.

I haven't see the film myself however, the graphic portrayal of Rich and the events surrounding the sinking of Bungo Pete mirrors the anger similar to that experienced in other mediums when Germans gunned down survivors in liferafts.

Not a bad read, although I found myself wanting a little more than the technical description of instruments as opposed to a narrative on the human interaction and the functionality.