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Mar 15, 2016
85 Recruiting and Training


Are you Sure You Want to Join?


85 Squadron does not actively recruit.  If you are thinking of joining us then have a look at the “What 85 is about” thread in this forum. If and, please, only if you,having thought about it and can sign up to everything in that document then read on - life is too short tp waste time, yours or ours..


Yes I am sure, what do I have to do?


If, having read the “What 85 is about”, thought about it and decided you really do want to join us then post a note in this thread or join our Teamspeak. The address is  uk-voice4.fragnet.net:9017. (For password, please contact a member of the Squadron) You will be contacted by the Squadron CO  who will have a chat with you and, if he decides you might fit in with the team, ask you up to fly a test flight with him.   The result of that test flight will be either he judges your skills good enough to become a full member of the Squadron and ready to fly on Operations or he judges that you need further development in the basics and you will be posted to our OTU..  Either way you will join the  Squadron’s Pilot Development Plan.


Training (the Pilot Development Plan)


A core principle in 85 Squadron is that every pilot, no matter how good, can be a better pilot and that every pilot in the squadron has a duty to develop his skills.  We will take anyone from the newest person to the game to the most experienced and deadly established pilot,  but only of they will sign up to that principle.  To that end we have established the Pilot Development Plan.  


Every pilot is unique and so has unique development needs and priorities.  Each and every pilot in the squadron is therefore here or required to identify the areas in which he wishes to develop (e.g. formation, flying, gunnery, navigation, leadership)  and agree them, with a review date with the CO.


The pilot will then work with the Squadron Training Coordinator as to how those training needs may be best met and agree a plan of action.   It is then the pilot’s responsibility to fulfill that plan.


On the review date the pilot will again talk to the CO to consider his progress and agree areas for further development and the next review date.




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