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Ready for a new ship

Old Ironsides

Feb 10, 2014
So I've been saving up and have enough to upgrade my current Assault Cruiser for a Fleet model. 

What are the requirements to use the Fleet's store to do so?  I've been running STFs and donating to the cause where and when I could.  I've got just a little over 100k Fleet bucks now.

Can anybody point me in the right direction?  I was hoping to ask somebody in-game, but I haven't seen a soul since last night.


Peace Keeper  (aka Ironback)


Captain Data

TOW Space Marshal
Sep 30, 2012
I was on last night, but your night isn't mine  ^_^  .  I can tell you, for the Klingon fleet, you need to put in 200.000 fleet credits in projects before you can get items from the store. Then after every 100.000 you put in you can buy 1 item (module or ship) in any of the bases. You understand that you need to put stuff in in order to take stuff out. When you have reached 200.000, just contact one of the CO's ingame (me or T'Bar) via mail. For now you have put in 5.313 fleet credits, so you need to work at it a little more. The harder you work, the higher you can climb through the ranks. For now I - as your fearless leader - have earned 5.110.297 fleet credits, T-bar is following closely by 4.948.771 and followed by Ydde - our XO - with 1.062.522.

We are pushing the projects on our starbase and dilithium mine. IF we reach the next tier on the Dil Mine we have reached the next discount level of 5%. In order to get you ships with extra oompf we need that starbase at tier 3. The more people put stuff in, the faster we'll get there.



ToW Club President
Dec 20, 2005
i have been working on our site... but if you look about Team Speak you might just see me up in the "NowNet" room. You can "right click" and send me a text message and I can come down and open the "FEDERATION" store for you.

Ships.. for that we are a lot more lenient as far as requirement to buy. You been working hard.. and I would open the store for you for that. HOWEVER. I'm not sure what Tier Ship you want and we don't have a T5 Starbase yet ( I don't think so anyway ). To get a T5 Ship... we have to make special arrangements with a friendly T5 Group. See me on line for that info.

anyway.. it can be arranged :)


Old Ironsides

Feb 10, 2014
Thank you both for the prompt replies,

  I have read, understood and agree with what you have written.  Tbar and I have spoke, via TS, and he explained to me about the "Raiders" and such.  You are right, I do need to get to work on my Klingon's contributions.  Thank you both again for the prompt replies and info.

Peace Keeper

Keeping the peace by keeping them in pieces.