Panzer Aces


When i started to play Darkest Hour a lot i loaded up on WW2 amour books. This is my fav so far as it is written by the actual crew member in extreme detail. Most books i find discuss the campaigns and not so much detail about actual engagements. The only panzer ace i was aware of was Whittmann but this book brought me up to speed as to other "aces". It also has some great pics. of the crews in the field.
Panzer Aces is an English-language book series by the German author Franz Kurowski. Originally released in 1992 by J.J. Fedorowicz Publishing, a Canadian publisher of militaria literature, it was licensed in 2002 by the firm to American publishers Ballantine Books and Stackpole Books. The series' books were a commercial success and enjoyed a wide readership among the American public.

In the book The Myth of the Eastern Front, historians Ronald Smelser and Edward J. Davies criticise Panzer Aces as ahistorical and misleading, presenting a picture of the German soldiers "without flaws or character defects". According to the authors, Kurowski's accounts, including Panzer Aces, are intended "to act as a memorial to these men".