K-19 The Widowmaker

Ok, so I whinged a couple of months back about Harrison Ford not getting to play a great role on a submarine flick. I was inundated with emails (well two actually) quite rightfully pointing out that Ford has in fact played a role on board a submarine, the K19. Albeit in this film, Ford is looking thorugh the periscope.

A Soviet submarine built during the 60's cold war has already taken the lifes of dockside workers before she is launched. The jinx continues when the champagne bottle fails to break open at the submarines launch. The film is not a WW2 movie, but it rightly deserves a spot amongst the Tide of War films.

Ford takes command of the submarine from Liam Neeson, the Captain who is revered and loved by his crew. The Soviet war machinary being what it is cut corners on the submarine, but like all good Russians, the workers at the coal face are bluffed into submission. Ford takes the boys out and whilst in the Atlantic, a situation arises that requires stern leadership...and a radioactive suit would certainly help.

Not one of Fords best films, however, the thriller genre of this film makes it a worthwhile viewing. Initially a flop at the box office, Fords character role makes this a necessary inclusion in any video collection.


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