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Fleet Pvp Night On 2/10/2013 - Results.


New member
Oct 28, 2012

Just thought I would give a short run down on Sunday nights PvP fleet battle with the 5th Armada.

We had a full roster again for all three matches. We stayed under an hour, as we don't want people to get burned out running too much pvp, so it's the best of three matches.

5th Armada won the matches, for the most part its the same reason - no one has a counter to Mottackas's 7k+dps Jem'Hadar attack ship.

Most players were very happy with the fights, they certainly wanted more, but we had a time frame, and stuck to it, similar with any raid or group function.

Future Suggestions:

I think that the eve-online approach to combat is a great help to pvp in general anywhere, as follows:

We need a tackling ship: A science ship to have dual tractor beams (borg and standard) trained to the max, along with gravity well. This ship would serve as the anchor - it tackles targets, we shoot it's targets.

Second, we need 2 Eng ships for focused repair of the tackler, because the tackler always gets primaried.

Third, 2 Tactical DPS ships, to ensure we can kill the tackled target.

That is a standard 5 man team for pvp. In the STO fleet match, we can get up to 10 people, but we can't determine who is on the 5 man team you get to see in the match. I think that may be determined by the order on the roster, but I am not sure.

Let's generate some good discussion here and see what we come out with.