Elite Dangerous: Odyssey


Dec 21, 2005
Ok folks! So...Odyssey launches for PC on May 19th. I'd like to know who will be getting it and maybe we can do some things together to learn the new things and make some millions together. As a community, we've been fairly quiet and we need something to bring us together. This is a very easy simulation to learn and it is best when played with friends.

If you plan on getting it, let us know below and post the below information:

In-game name : Tow_Jester
Current Home Base system : Panorua
Roles interested in : Bounty Hunter, Miner, Trader
Most powerful ship currently owned: Federal Corvette, Imperial Cutter
Faction allied to (Powerplay): None
Goals: To make money then go explore other areas, perhaps join fight against Thargoids. Fleet operations (would like to get us a carrier).