Martin Middlebrook's account of three supply convoys leaving New York; SC122, HX229 and HX229A in March 1943, the shadowing and sinking of 22 merchant ships by the German Uboats, and the resulting loss of more than 140,000 tons of badly needed supplies in the UK.

A documentary account of the convoy, I wasn't impressed with the style of writing and thought that the raw data could have been presented in a better narrative. Having said that, the accounts of the incident from both sides of the war are intriguing. The UBoat lookout who sites the convoy in the darkness when a match is lit, the rescue efforts of sunken ships, the view from captains on air cover missions, a varied spectrum of analysis.

The book lends itself as the historical account to another fictional book which will be looked at another month. Not the easiest of reads, it does however detail the shadowing and recording of approached by the patrol lines, which most of us sub-simmers probably don't do.

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