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Found 4 results

  1. Following the events of “Mirrors and Smoke”, the Lukari and Kentari began efforts to work together. The culmination of this effort is the Dranuur Colony in the Alpha Quadrant. With Season 14: Emergence, Dranuur Colony will become available as a new 5-tier joint Lukari-Kentari-themed Fleet Holding, available to all Fleets in Star Trek Online. Dranuur Colony will also feature many unlockable projects to improve both its visual appearance, as well as many standard conveniences for Captains at the colony. Fleets can also unlock inter-fleet shuttle capabilities that will allow for quick and easy access to Dranuur Colony. Below is a list of special unlocks for this Fleet Holding. Each unlock will be available for approximately two weeks. Project 3 – Colony Utility – Communications Tower Completing this project will add a Communications Tower to the far end of the island. Source: http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/10702454-dranuur-colony-fleet-holding-special-unlocks!
  2. GhostKrook

    Time and Tide Run

    Here is a quick run on Time and Tide.
  3. To: ToW Federation and Klingon Fleets Subj: 2014 Winter Fun Event Series From: ToW STO Command Center Attention Soldiers! It is the season for our 2014 Winter Fun Event to start up again. This event is a "Fun" event open to all level players of both Fed and Klink sides. Any boat you have, weak or strong ( Exception - no Scimitars ). The event is bi-weekly on a Saturday and is one hour long. Participating fleets are: ToW, 5th Armada, Southland, various guest Fleets. THIS IS A LEARNING EVENT, as well as being fun. Format is PvP, don't be concerned about the format, it is not a PvP you may have had bad experience with in the past. Event is space based. We request that you "muster up" for the Fun Event. In game under the mini map is a "Your Fleet" button. Click that. Across the top you will see an "Events" tab, click that. Now you can find the Winter Fun Event in the list of events. Click on that event to bring in focus, then down the bottom left of screen are several button one is labeled "Detail" click that button. Now you can answer or "muster up" with: Yes, No, or Maybe. Remember you can change the entry at any time. We request that you muster up so we can plan properly for the event. Remember.. this is fun. The Event will be presented to you in YOUR time zone and time. The time and date will be correct for where you live in the world. You will have fun, but the intention of the event is multi-fold: Learn how to function as a team mate ( or leader ), lean how to communicate with few words, learn "how they did it", what to do what not to do, etc. This event will teach you how to do battle; You will apply this knowledge in STF's and other STO battle situations. You will learn how to command your ship and crew... and fight like a pro. Dismissed !
  4. Ok! So, this coming Tuesday, May 21st, is like the third D-Day of Star Trek Online (1st was launch, 2nd was free-to-play). Will YOU be starting/rolling/creating a new character? If so, which race? If Romulan, have you decided on Federation or Klingon for alliance? I'll start: I'm planning to start a new Romulan character. She will be named after my wife (only the Russian version of her name) and will be a science captain. I also plan to ally with the Federation with this character. but... I have 2 open character slots. So, while not immediately, I do plan on a Reman male tactical captain named after my husky/shepard mix that will ally with the Klingons.

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