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Found 21 results

  1. Tow Air Marshal

    Ships: Sidewinder

    The ship that is supplied for free. Here is a useful guide on this most basic of ships. This guide is a very basic guide but will let you understand how to use it to get started in the game This E:D guides by Irishlad147.
  2. Tow Air Marshal

    Ships: Cobra

    The Classic Elite ship. A very alround capable craft. This guide will give you the basics of operating the Cobra MkIII. This guide is by Irishlad147.
  3. Tow Air Marshal

    Ships: Viper

    This is a real combat ship. Get the low down on this dedicated fighter. This guide is by Irishlad147.
  4. Tow Air Marshal

    Ships: Lakon 6

    Theb Lakon 6 can really shift the cargo. Fit this ship out well and you can reaaly make a profit. This guide is by Irishlad147.
  5. Tow Air Marshal

    Ships: Anaconda

    The big ship that can still fight through the pirates. This guide will give you the information needed bto successfull utilse this bvessel. This guide is by Irishlad147.
  6. Tow Air Marshal

    Ships: Hauler

    Here's the standard frieghter. This craft can really shift the cargo. This guide is by Irishlad147.
  7. Tow Air Marshal

    Ships: Eagle

    A good fighter and affordable. Cut your teeth with this and build your reputation.<br /> <br /> <br /> This guide is by Irishlad147.
  8. Tow Air Marshal

    Ships: Lakon 9

    The mother of themmall. Cargo space to drool over. Profit comes thick and fast on runs with this ship full to the gunwalls. This guide is by Irishlad147.
  9. Tow Air Marshal

    Flight: Controls

    This pilot tutorial covers the basic spacecraft controls. These controls provide not only pitch, roll and Yaw but lift, sway and heave which are the 3 additional axis over conventional aircraft. This video is an official video from Frontier Developments.
  10. Tow Air Marshal

    Flight: Docking

    This pilot tutorial video covers the activity of recovering to a starport. Docking at a starport can be tricky, especially if it is busy with other traffic, particularly as departing traffic can be difficult to avoid. This is an official training video from Frontier Developments.
  11. Tow Air Marshal

    Planning: Navigation

    To travel around the galaxy in Elite:Dangerous requires the use of the galaxy map. The galaxy in Elite:Dangerous is our own and it's enormous. A full appreciation of the galaxy map and how to use it is required of you travel around it efficiently and effectively. This is an official training video from Frontier Developments.
  12. Tow Air Marshal

    Planning: Starport Services

    Refuel, Rearm and Repair are not the only services at a starport. This pilot tutorial covers all services. Starport services covers: - Trading - Buy or sell commodities, System trade data - Outfitting - Weapons and Modules - Refuel, Rearm and Repair - Paying off bounty - News feed - Missions - Shipyard - Purchase, Part Exchange, Store ships - Contacts - Cartographics - Exploration data This is an official training video from Frontier Developments
  13. Tow Air Marshal

    Combat: Basic

    Basic combat is covered in this pilot tutorial. This pilot tutorial covers the use of the ships sensor, targeting, the power systems and a basic look at weapon aiming. This is an official training video from Frontier Developments.
  14. Tow Air Marshal

    Flight: Assist OFF

    Flight Assist OFF is the flight control methods that the original Elite game used and envolves direct control of the ships thrusters. It is hard to master and is not for the faint hearted.... Flight Assist OFF gives the pilot direct control of the spaceship's thrusters and thus control of momentum in all axis. This training video will help you learn how to control your ship's momentum in any given direction and alto to control the ship's orientation to that direction of momentum and thus oull off what may appear to others as being almost impossible manoeuvres. This training video is from Isinonoa.
  15. Captain Data

    HUD Colours

    Tired of the same boring HUD colour. Here's how to change that. Maybe later in the game they will add it to the options, for now you have to change an XML file. Read all about it here: http://arkku.com/elite/hud_editor/#theme_0.24_0.51_0.44_0_1_0_1_0.39_0.09
  16. Tow Air Marshal

    Flight: Travel

    This pilot tutorial covers the use of the Frame Shift Drive that allows fater than light drive for both Super Cruise and Hyperdrive. There are three types of flight in the spacecraft. Normal flight, super curise and hyperdrive. These allow manoeuvring around an area, flight between places in a system and flight between systems. This tutorial shows how. This is an official training video by Frontier Developments.
  17. Captain Data

    E:D E:D - The game

  18. Tow Air Marshal

    E:D E:D - ToW Group

    So... Here's a starting place for a ToW Group within Elite:Dangerous FIrstly, Which are we going to be (or maybe you have chosen already)? Federation, Empire or Alliance? Secondly, We may need a home location, Somewhere we can return to an meet up. Thirdy, what sort of activity shall we major on? Etc Etc Every opinoin helps us build our identy Gos
  19. Tow Air Marshal

    E:D E:D - Ship Guides

    Chaps I have found some intersting guides on all the flyable ships in Elite:Dangerous. I have made them into articles within the Space and Fantasy catagory: http://www.tidesofwar.net/index.php/articles.html/_/by-space-and-fantasy/ Hope these help us get started... Gosling ToW AM
  20. Tow Air Marshal

    E:D E:D - Voice Attack Profiles

    It seems alot of people use "Voice Attack" to assist in controlling this game. Are you? If so: 1. What sort of things are you setting up? 2. Can we post profiles? 3. Any tips on its use? 4. What have you called yours? Any help would be very much appreciated Gos ToW AM
  21. Chaps If you are of a certain age you will remember "Elite" and excellent basic space trading game that had us all hooked to our Sinclair Z80 and Z81s It got a revamp for the Amiga and then got a huge rebuild and became a bit to complicated as Elite Frontier..... Well now there is a new version very much based upon the excellent original... Elite:Dangerous Yes, the trusty Cobra is back and I feel sure there are tons of Asps out there to shoot.... Here is some great info on the game from an Alpha player.... Gosling
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