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Found 30 results

  1. Tow Air Marshal

    IL2:BoS IL2:BoS - New Map

    A communitry based mod has been officially accepted by 1C-777 Ltd to be the next map in IL2:Battle of Stalingrad. The map is of Velikie Luki during Operation MARS on the Kalinin Front, some 500km west of Moscow, and is 170 x 100 km. Download version 1.011 to use it... The area is where the Restov - Meat Grinder took place. See this youtube to realise what an epic battle took place.... https://www.youtube.com/embed/h_UHNcqIYEg
  2. Tow Air Marshal

    Air Head Tracking - A poll

    Hi Guys and Girls Head tracking greatly improves the emmersion when it comes to flight simulator games. The ability to look around naturally really helps with situational awareness. So I was wondering about how many of us actually use head tracking devbices. So here is a poll to identify the most popular devices we are using or otherwise. Gosl ToW AM I use a TrackIR4 and I have made my own USB powered InfraRed LED Track Hat. Please also post if you selected either of the None answers. Thanks Gos
  3. Tow Air Marshal


    Great news for the most detailled combat sim out there. DCS announce huge plans for 2016. Carriers - Nimitz and Kusnetzov Aircraft - F18 / Spitfire XVI / P-47 THunderbolt Maps - Europe 1944 See the detail here: - http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/2016-01-29_DCS_World_Future/ Gosling ToW AM
  4. IL2:BoS Multiplayer Duel Server - "TidesofWar Duel Server" In Game Server Name: TidesofWar Duel Server Teamspeak Channel: "TidesofWar Duel Server" Operating Period: 15:00 EST until 23:00 each day Maintnenance and Testing: 21 Mar - 28 Mar 2015 I am hosting a multiplayer duel server for everyone to use. We also have a corresponding seperate TS3 channel within the IL2:BoS area of our Teamspeak3. It is intended to run this server as above. This week the server will be under testing. Please join and contribute to getting the mission as good as possible... We are looking forward to seeing you in the server...
  5. Hi everyone I have gathered some information on flying the P51-D from the game manual, a 1954 manual I downloaded and from a recent article in Flypast magazine where an aviation journalist who got the chance to fly the P51-TC from the back seat. Some of this should become standard operating proceduresA: P51D Notes: Power Settings - From Manual Page 127 Name - MAP(inches) - RPM - Max Time(Mins) Takeoff Maximum - 61" - 3000 - 15 War Emergency - 67" - 3000 - 5 Military Power - 61" - 3000 - 15 Maximum Continuous - 46" - 2700 Maximum Cruise - 42" - 2400 General Cruise - 35" - 2,350 From article in Flypast magazine from an aviation journalist that fly the P51-TD: Downwind - 24" - 2,500 - 1/2 Flap - 140kt Checks Late downwind - 24" - 2,500 - 3/4 Flap - 130kt Turn abeam threshold Final turn - as read - 2,500 - Full Flap - 120kt - 5deg right rudder trim Threshold - 105kt Touchdown - 100kt Roll out to end of runway. Additional from 1954 Manual: Name - MAP(inches) - RPM - Max Time(Mins) - IAS(MPH) Max Endurance - As Req'd - 1600 - Continuous - 140mph Use: Take-Off = Mil Pwr Normal Climb = Max Con Mil Climb = Mil Pwr Transit to target = Max Con Combat = Mil Pwr + short bursts of WEP General Cruise = Max Cruise or less depending on fuel reserve Descent = To be nominated. Something like: 1600rpm / 10"map / 200mph / ??deg Nose Down / Loiter / Hold = Max Endur Glide = 175mph / Clean / Prop Max Decrease = 14.5miles / 5000ft Minimum Landing Allowance: MLA = 25gal = 30mins plus at Max Endur
  6. Tow Air Marshal

    WT -BSS- Website

    Gentlemen Black Sheep Website I have added the first pages to a website for BSS. Check out: Battle Stations / by Air / Black Sheep Squadron Let me know if you need any thing else... Gosling ToW AM
  7. Chaps For those that would like to be involved with this game as it develops, you can buy access now.... http://il2sturmovik.com/ This website has all the information you need.... Gosling
  8. Tow Air Marshal

    Il2:Battle of Moscow

    Hi Again The 777 studios have just anmnounced that the next major improvement to Battle of Staingrad will be he Battle of Moscow. This will be a new package for sale in two versions. Normal with 8 planes and premium with 10 plances as follows: I-16 Type 24 and Bf 109 E-7 Mig 3 and Bf 109 F-2 IL2 Model 41 and Bf 110 E-2 Pe-2 Series 35 and Ju 88 A-4 Above are the basic planes the two following are those avaialble to the premium version P-40 E-1 and MC.202 Series VIII Like Il2:Bos there will be a pre order and early access options. Exciting developements Gosling ToW Air Marshal
  9. Chaps The next step in the IL2:BoS development will be adding the Mission Builder and Dedicated Server features. These will come next week with version 1.009 Gosling ToW Air Marshal
  10. Tow Air Marshal

    IL2:BoS IL2:BoS - Making Aircraft Skins

    Chaps Here is a thread about making aircraft skins within IL2:BoS http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/13622-skinning-quick-and-dirty-absolute-beginners/ Gosling ToW AM
  11. Tow Air Marshal

    IL2:BoS IL2:BoS - See into the Distance

    Chaps This tweek is very effective at improving the level of detail (LOD) in the distance making the whole game more realistic: Navigate to your BOS graphics folder. Default should be: C:\Program Files\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\graphics\ Steam version should be: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\graphics\ Find and open the file called terrain.ini with Notepad. It should only contain a few lines of text like below: The last line "texlod=1024,16" is what's causing the blurring, change it to: texlod=2048,8And your are set! Just start the game as usual. If you are running at a higher resolution like 1440p or maybe even 4K you could just change all lines to texlod=4096,8 and get the full resolution like on the pic above but that might cause annoying texture shimmering at low altitude unless you are playing at a very low FOV/Zoom. The original thread is here: http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/12501-you-also-think-bos-beautiful-how-about-making-it-absolutly-g/ This has greatly improved the visuals in my game. It should be noted that it doesn't change the range at which the like of trees are drawn. so there will still be a line across forests where the image changes between a texture and drawn trees. Gosling ToW AM
  12. Tow Air Marshal

    IL2:BoS IL2:BoS - Spot the Enemy

    Hi Chaps I found out some useful information while playing on the expert duel server. Get your TrackIR working better with these in game settings. Also, it is suspected that setting the following will help with latency. This will mean that when you move your head with TrackIR the in game view will follow immediately. Also, in the Lancher uncheck the "Seed when downloading" to reduce your data latency. Hope this helps Gosling ToW AM
  13. Yes, I got it right. That is not a typo... I meant to write IL2:1956 The great team at SAS are brining out a new mod to the long running IL2:1946 that takes the game well into the jet era. You MUST be running 4.101m with SAS Modact 2.72 or later. It includes iconic jets like the Phantom and some classic Migs. Read all about it and down load the required mods here: http://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php?topic=14158.0 Gos ToW AM
  14. Hi Everyone Development of IL2:Battle of Stalingrad is moving on a pace. For those that have bought into the early access the game now allows for multiplayer, the supporting servers are now running 24:7 instead of just the weekend. This week the Quick Mission Builder was released. There are currently 4 aircraft available with two more planned very soon. The LaGG3 and the Bf209 are the fighters and the IL2 and Ju87 for bombing. Coming are the Yak1 and a Bf209Gvi believe. The graphics are stunning and the realism is exceptional. This is probably going to be the leading combat flight simulator of this decade. GoslingToW AM
  15. Chaps A training film on the P-38 Lightening... Gosling ToW AM
  16. Chaps Another original training film. This one for the P-39 Airacobra... Gosling ToW AM
  17. Chaps For those flying the P40 TOW-AM
  18. Chaps We have our first new pilot in a while... Meet Gibbs who was in 616 back in the days of Airattack.... Great to have him aboard. Gosling
  19. Tow Air Marshal

    IL2:BoS Ju87-G Stuka - Basic Settings

    Ju87-G Stuka TAKE OFF: RPM ... 2600 rpm Boost ... 1.42 ata Rotate ... 170 kph CLIMB: Speed ... 240 kph RPM ... 2450 rpm Max 30 mins ... 2400 rpm @ 1.25 ata Max Continuous ... 2250 rpm @ 1.15 ata CRUISE: RPM ... 2100 rpm Boost .. 1.10 ata, 1.00 ata above 6000m COMBAT: RPM ... 2250 rpm Boost ... 1.2 ata LANDING: RPM ... 2000rpm Boost ... 0.6 ata Water radiator ... Closed Touch down ... 150 kph
  20. Tow Air Marshal

    IL2:BoS Bf109-F4 - Basic Settings

    Bf109-F4: TAKE OFF: RPM ... 2500 rpm Boost ... 1.3 ata Max 1 min ... 2700 rpm @ 1.42 ata Max 5 min ... 2500 kpa Rotate 180 kph CLIMBING: Speed ... 250 to 350 kph RPM ... 2600 rpm Boost ... 1.3 ata Supercharger ... Above 3000m Set horizontal stabilizer when in level flight LANDING: RPM ... 1500 rpm Boost ... 0.6 ata Speed ... Below <350 kph Gear down Speed ... Below < 250 kph Flaps ... Down Approach ... 200 to 220 kph Touchdown ... 160 to 170 kph
  21. Tow Air Marshal

    IL2:BoS IL2 Sturmovik - Basic Settings

    IL2 & IL2 Mod Sturmovik: TAKE OFF: RPM ... 2150 rpm Boost ... Full Gear ... Up CLIMB: RPM ... 2050 rpm Boost ... 10.5 CRUISE: RPM ... 1850 rpm Boost ... 8.5 COMBAT: RPM ... 2050 rpm IP to TARGET: Speed ... 300 - 320 kph Oil Radiator ...Closed LANDING: RPM ... 1800 rpm Boost ... 6.0 Speed ... Below 250 kph Gear ... Down Water Radiator ... Closed Flaps ... Down<200 kph Glide ... 190 kph Touchdown ... 150 - 160 kph
  22. Tow Air Marshal

    IL2:BoS Yak-1 - Basic Settings

    YAK-1 TAKE OFF: RPM ... 2500 - 2700 rpm Boost ... Full CLIMBING: Speed ... 250 to 300 kph RPM ... 2600 rpm Supercharger ... Above 3000m CRUISE: Transit ... 270 kph RPM ... 1700 rpm Economy COMBAT: RPM ... 2650 - 2700 rpm Oil Radiator ... 1/4 Water Radiator ... 1/4 Oil Temperature ... 90degC to 100degC, Max 110 Water Temperature ... 90degC to 100degC, Max 110 LANDING: Speed ... Below 250 kph Flaps ... Down Gear ... Down Radiators ... Closed Glide ... 185 kph Touchdown ... 160 - 170 kph
  23. Tow Air Marshal

    IL2:BoS LaGG-3 - Basics Settings

    LaGG-3 Mod 29 Grach's observations: Service ceiling: (effective) 7300m Service ceiling:(maximum) 7800m Best climb speed: (as per manual) 270 kph Max dive speed: ~750kph Stall speed Clean (at Max Gross Weight): Idle: 180 kph Power: 150 kph Stall speed Dirty (at Max Gross Weight): Idle: 160 kph Power: 130 kph TAKE OFF: RPM ... 2600 to 2700 rpm Rotate ... 190 kph CLIMB: Speed ... 250 to 300 kph RPM ... 2600 rpm Supercharger ... Above 1500m Mixture ... Progressively Lean (Check Exhaust Colour), Full Lean above 3000m CRUISE: RPM ... 1700 rpm, Economy Manifold Pressure ... 500mm Speed ... 280 kph Supercharger ... Select above 350 kph COMBAT: RPM ... 2650 to 2700 rpm Water Temperature ... 90decC to 100degC, Max 110degC Oil Temperature ... Max 115degC LANDING: RPM ... 2600 rpm Oil Radiator ... Closed Water Radiator ... Closed Speed ... Below <300 kph Gear ... Down Speed ... Below <250 kph Flaps ... Down Approach ... 200 to 220 kph Touchdown ... 180 to 190 kph The Yak did not have a locking tail wheel. It uses the same odd differential braking system as the Spitfire. Very grateful to Wolfhnd for the information
  24. Welcome to the ToW IL2:Battle of Stalingrad forum. This forum is for the general discussion of IL2:BoS information. Gosling ToW Air Marshal
  25. Chaps Here is another great training movie. This is essential viewing if we are to operate together in formation: Fundementals: Rendevous: Manoeuvres: Gosling TOW Air Marshal
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