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Found 4 results

  1. Tow Air Marshal

    wt Now operating at Sea

    WT has long been expanding into Naval Operations. YTHe latest update 1.83 really expands the available ships, including US, Russian and German ships. Primarily based around WWII these will soon include Royal Navy ships. ToW would like to welcome players of the Naval Operations and can support interested groups to expand our “By Sea” community...
  2. Tow Air Marshal

    WT Release French VB10

    In War Thunder, the VB.10-02 is a fighter in the French aviation research tree at Rank IV. Like its real-world counterpart, it transitions the player from piston engine machines into the jet era. The VB.10-02 is a deceptive plane; it looks lighter and more lightly armed than it is. It is also one of the stranger looking aircraft in the game (in some ways resembling the American Bell P-63 Kingcobra), but still a deadly, capable fighter. At Rank IV, the VB.10-02 is one of the most destructive and heavily armed fighters you can pilot, armed with four 20mm cannons alongside six .50 caliber heavy machine guns. Even a short burst from such a fearsome array of weapons is enough to severely cripple or destroy any aircraft the VB.10 is likely to meet in battle. Such destructive potential still brings drawbacks, however. Like most heavy fighters, the aircraft’s enormous size and weight of the on board weaponry and dual engines make it slower and less maneuverable than other aircraft. Source: War Thunder Website
  3. Tow Air Marshal

    Great Help - Thanks

    Guys Thanks so much for all the great help this evening with all the control and options. Particularly in understanding research. It was outstanding flying with you all this evening. Gos ToW AM
  4. Tow Air Marshal

    WT -BSS- Website

    Gentlemen Black Sheep Website I have added the first pages to a website for BSS. Check out: Battle Stations / by Air / Black Sheep Squadron Let me know if you need any thing else... Gosling ToW AM
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