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Found 6 results

  1. Tow Air Marshal

    IL2:Cliffs of Dover - BLITZ

    The promised and long awaited upgrade to IL2”CloD is HERE!!! Team Fusion has spent the past several years improving and fixing issues in the original Cliffs of Dover since it's initial release. Their work has greatly improved performance and fixed serious issues. Earlier this year, 1CGS gave the source code to TFS allowing them to further improve the title. Their work is now officially a commercial product and no longer just a mod. Below is some of what is included in BLITZ. Existing owners may update for free. But: +++++PLEASE RENAME YOUR CURRENT IL2 STURMOVIK CLIFFS OF DOVER FOLDER INSIDE THE 1CSOFTCLUB FOLDER BEFORE DOWNLOADING+++++ Additional New Aircraft Variants: Flyable: Bf-109 E-1B (Early Fighter-Bomber) Bf-109 E-4N (DB601N engine and 100 octane fuel) Bf-109 E-4/E-4B and E-4N versions with added armor for fuel tank and pilot Bf-110 C-2 Bf-110 C-4_Late Bf-110 C-4B (Early Fighter-Bomber) Bf-110 C-4N (DB601P engines with 100 octane fuel) Bf-110 C-4NJG (Nightfighter) Bf-110 C-6 (Heavy 30mm Cannon armed version) Blenheim Mk.IV_Late (twin gun rear turret and extra bomb-load) Blenheim Mk.IV F (Heavy Day-Fighter) Blenheim Mk.IV F_Late (Twin gun rear turret and extra bomb-load) Blenheim Mk.IV NF (Night-Fighter) Blenheim Mk.IV NF_Late (twin gun rear turret and extra bomb-load) Spitfire Mk.I 100 octane Hurricane DH-520-100 octane Hurricane Mk.I NF (Night-Fighter) Hurricane Mk.I FB (Fighter-Bomber) Beaufighter Mk.I F Beaufighter Mk.I NF (Night-Fighter) DH-82A-1 (Field Mod armed Tiger Moth) DH-82A-2 (Czechoslovakian armed Tiger Moth) DH-82A (Battle of Britain Tiger Moth version with bomb carrying capacity) Non-flyable: Sunderland added bomb capacity Blenheim Mk.IF (Heavy Day-Fighter) Blenheim Mk.INF (Night-Fighter)
  2. Tow Air Marshal

    IL2:CloD Ready for the Frontline?

    Gentlemen There is a great opportunity for 616Sqn to contribute to the "Long War". This is a campaign running on the "Storm of War" server withing IL2:CloD. By registering, pilots can contribute to the overall success of the RAF. The main website is here: http://www.stormofwar.org/?Page=home The main information post is on their forum here: http://www.stormofwar.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=1462 The Teamspeak address for SoW is: IP= Password= stormofwar
  3. Tow Air Marshal

    Mission Planning Tool

    This mission planning tool may well be useful. http://il2map.info/main To charge plans we all have to register on the site and then PM each other with our login name to allow adding each other. I have logged in as: "12.OIAE". Please Login as: "616_Callsign" Thanks Gos
  4. Tow Air Marshal

    Team Fusion Patches: Now V4.3

    1C games has stopped developing IL2:Clod as they have teamed up with 777 Studios to produce the new game, IL2:BoS... However that does not mean the developmentof the game has stopped. Team Fusion have taken it on and greatly improved the game so that it is much more flyable and frame rates are greatly improved. Its now and excellent game. The Team Fusion patches are here: Team Fusion v1 (3.00) Mini patch is Now Available.. Download file link: https://www.yousendit.com/dl?phi_act...NnlCSWZtcXNUQw - Torrent Link: https://rapidshare.com/#!download|55...ller.7z|15|0|0 To install this patch, please watch the following video: http://youtu.be/uu3SrdqlB64 Team Fusion v1 (3.01) Mini patch is Now Available.. Download file link: https://www.yousendit.com/download/U...dVVGOFJqQThUQw Team Fusion v2 (4.00) Mini patch is Now Available.. Download zip file part 1 Link: https://www.hightail.com/download/OG...RkU3bUNGa2NUQw Download zip file part 2 Link: https://www.hightail.com/download/OG...RkVlM1Q0WjhUQw - Torrent download (Installer files, no need to unzip as with the above two parts): http://theairtacticalassaultgroup.co...OD_TF4.torrent To install this patch, please watch the following video: http://youtu.be/77gEfnvU_eI Another patch has been released. Version 4.3 Download file Link from this ATAG post: http://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9360 Team fusion have further updated this patch. It is now Version 4.312 Download the installer from this ATAGpost: http://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10045 Extract to your game folder. E.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover Then run the extracted file: Mod Installer TF 4.312 Once this is done you will be up to date and able to fly on the popular servers. Gos
  5. Tow Air Marshal

    IL2:CloD Blenheim - Level Bombing

    Gentlemen For those that would like to level bomb from altitude with the Blenheim in IL2:Cliffs of Dover here is an excellent guide: http://JG26.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=29&action=display&thread=2233 Gosling ToW AM
  6. Chaps We have our first new pilot in a while... Meet Gibbs who was in 616 back in the days of Airattack.... Great to have him aboard. Gosling
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