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    Guess who's playing

    Oh yes, yours truly is now playing War Thunder. I have been postponing it because a player could dumb down the graphics so you could see tanks easier across the map. Because other tank games are disappointing I have installed and played it for a few days now. AAI is a nice gang of weirdo's...
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    The space genre is popular again. Luckily for us aliens. Paradox Interactive is specialized in making Grand Strategy games. They have a lot of depth, they look good and they have a loyal group of players Their new game is called Stellaris, available may 9 Check it out...
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    ADR1FT is the story of an astronaut who wakes up floating silently in space amongst the debris of destroyed space station…the only survivor of a catastrophic event, left with no memory, a critically damaged EVA suit leaking oxygen and no way home. Developer:
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    Another space game on Kickstarter
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    No Man's Sky

    Space loving donkey's, You might have heard about this game. It's been in development for a few years now. It's a survival game in space. It is not your typical game. Progress in the game is actually that you venture out deeper in space, making playing with your friends hard. And I like that...
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    Deliver us the Moon

    A new kickstarter project Check out some footage here
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    Another Space Engineers clone. Check it out Trailer
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    Planet Nomads

    Ever heard of Space Engineers? Planet Nomads looks like it's similar. It has very nice graphics, It's also procedurally generated, you can build, mine, explore and kill. Soon. The company that makes the game is Craneballs Watch the trailer...
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    Infinity: Battlescape

    Hi folks. Incoming message from Scott Manley
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    Rebel Galaxy

    Hey Space Cowboys,   a new game has arrived on steam.   It's called Apparently it's a two man Dev team. Here you can watch the gameplay
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    Jason's back

    Check this out. Friday the 13th: The game. Now on kickstarter. Produced by ILLFONIC, the team behind the FPS on Star Citizen.
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    E:D Powerplay

    Powerplay is now active for a few weeks. And I like it. Overview: Preparation: Expansion: Control: I can tell you...
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    The Game

    Early access is coming to you:
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    Joystick - HOTAS - mouse

    Let's use this topic to share your experience with peripherals for space games.
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    Descent Underground

    Descendent Studios is, let's say an independent spin-off from the pioneers of Star Citizen. Alot of employees that started during the kickstart fase of Star Citizen are now making their own game. Descent Underground is now on Kickstarter. Check it out:
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    The Mustang

    Here is a commercial about the Mustang.
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    Armored Warfare

    Hi tankers, a new and upcoming game from Obsidian Entertainment. It is currently in development, and you can sign up for Beta. Check out the gameplay here
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    X Rebirth

    Now on steam, another Space Game. We are being spoiled.
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    Fractured Space

    A brand new game, now accessible on steam. Check it out.
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    Elite: Dangerous release date

    Elite: Dangerous. The modern version of a 30 year old space sim will go live in 4 weeks. Be the first to explore this 400 billion system galaxy. Our galaxy. The Milky Way. With real stars and the exact data on all known space bodies. See you all in space. Space Marshal Data