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    Chat I am not dead...just real busy

    Hey all, just thought I should give a quick memo regarding my conspicuous absence from teamspeak and games in general...for college, I have to write a ten page paper about religious conflicts, a four page paper on what living on $2 a day is like, and 5 2,000 word essays on various subjects...
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    New War Thunder Idea

    Hey guys, Daser and I had this idea for an addition to War Thunder. I think you might find it interesting:
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    Hello all, My apologies for being absent so often, but my work has picked up significantly, and i have been otherwise engaged. Regardless, I want to make it up to you by hosting a WoT training match event, just for clan members, where we do not try to win, we just try to have fun, and I have a...
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    Chat New fundraiser idea..

    Hello all, i had an idea for a fundraiser, and i wanted your opinion: Tides of War T-shirts, with the player name and a personal motto, such as your favorite phrase. Anybody agree? Also, would love ideas. I ws thinking, black, with the small logo on right breast, name,message, and large logo on...
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    I need unshy people please...for Youtube!

    Hello all, i want to start a new series on my channel where me, and one other person are asked questions relating to STO, and then have to answer correctly, or fight a group of Borg by themselves. First to die 3 times loses. PM me for more info, or email me at Thank you,all...