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  1. Lord Sunderland

    EvE Online: Into the Abyss has been released.

    The new EvE Online Expansion has been released.  It brings:  - Three new "Precursor" ships and a strange new weapon system that only these ships can equip.  - A new Solo PvE Challenge that pits the player against these new enemies in an unstable "Abbysal Deadspace" pocket of space-time. The...
  2. Lord Sunderland

    Gaming Age of Empires Online: Celeste Project

    No, I didn't die. Although these past few weeks have been ABSOLUTELY MENTAL. A funny thing happened chaps. An Oldie, but Goodie game has risen from the dead.  Age of Empires Online (AoEO) has been resurrected with the following...
  3. Lord Sunderland

    Sins of a Solar Empire - Space RTS with Capital Ships and Titans

    Sins of a Solar Empire is an absolute masterpiece. It's a Real Time Strategy Game in which you fight over planets (Multiple Solar Systems available in one game).  - Three Races: TEC (Human), Vasari (Alien), Advent...
  4. Lord Sunderland

    Wanting To Found New Romulan KDF Master Race

    Or at least just a few chaps to run some of the Queues with now again.