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  1. Erich

    War on the Sea

    I agree. I was looking through their news and didn't see any mention of them pushing it into multiplayer. It's a shame really. We need more games like this to be multiplayer.
  2. War on the Seas - Automated Scouting - In BETA

    War on the Seas - Automated Scouting - In BETA

    Scout aircraft can now be launched from ships and assigned a path to follow. Aircraft continuously follow the specified path, returning to their ship to refuel. Once set up, a scouting path does not need to be managed unless; - scout is shot down - ship launching it is sunk or released from...
  3. Erich

    War on the Sea

    Yikes! Looks awesome! Got them both eh? How are the updates going for this game so far?
  4. Hell Let Loose - Developer Briefing #121

    Hell Let Loose - Developer Briefing #121

    Hey everyone, Welcome to Dev Brief #121! This one is for real and not an April Fools joke, so stand easy! This week we're looking back at out most recent free weekend and looking forward to U10 with some initial information on our plans for the 'Armour Overhaul'. To take you through this...
  5. War Thunder - The Shooting Range #246

    War Thunder - The Shooting Range #246

    You are watching The Shooting Range – a weekly show for all tankers, airmen and Captains in War Thunder. In this episode: Pages of History: The Workhorse of the Italian Army Round Study: Comparing Tank Shots ... and Metal Beasts: Taking a Break from the Ordinary We invite...
  6. G

    Game Modders Work Shop

    Group to showcase game modders work.
  7. Bloody Omaha

    Bloody Omaha

    Parts of the 29th infantry and Army Rangers were sent to the Western flank of the beach, while other parts of the 29th infantry and the 1st infantry division, took to the East. As the landing crafts neared shore, some of the coxswains deployed their men before they hit the beach. Those men had...
  8. Erich

    U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor passes at 74

    .....I buried a good friend and work mate of many years today. He was 74 and his name was David B. Bleak. If you don't know who he was you can simply look him up under the Congressional Medal of Honor winners. He didn't do much. He was a simple Medic in Korea whose patrol came under hostile...
  9. MSFS - Patch Notes ( Now

    MSFS - Patch Notes ( Now

    PERFORMANCE Performance optimizations when flying close to large airports such as Dallas-Ft Worth (KDFW) Performance optimizations of server requests when in the menus and during flight Reminder: Some packages in your community folder may not have been updated and, as a result, may have an...
  10. World of Warships - ST 0.10.3, new ships

    World of Warships - ST 0.10.3, new ships

    ST 0.10.3, new ships American Tier VIII battleship Constellation, British Tier X destroyer Druid, Italian Tier X cruiser Napoli, and Commonwealth Tier VII battleship Yukon have been added to the game for testing. Please note that all information in the development blog is...
  11. Uboat - B129 Dev Diary #4

    Uboat - B129 Dev Diary #4

    Dear skippers, We prepared a fourth dev diary during the work on B129. This time we present various improvements all around related to torpedo attacks, damage control and air raids at ports. Take a look! Transcription Welcome to the fourth UBOAT development log for the upcoming update 129...
  12. Erich

    War on the Sea

    Jester ah nice so it simulates the torpedo duds during the war also?
  13. Erich

    War on the Sea

    Jester it seems like it is a mix of RTS with simulation. Are they actively patching it?
  14. Erich

    War on the Sea

    Nice. I saw some game footage and the UI seemd a tad clunky. Is that your experience?
  15. Erich

    War on the Sea

    Jester have you tried the subs yet?
  16. Erich

    War on the Sea

    Posted up a frontpage article on this game.
  17. Erich

    War on the Sea

    Single player – boo!! We need a good naval game with subs in it that is multiplayer. I did participate in the beta test for WoW but they haven’t had a new testing since. That was last November.
  18. Erich

    War on the Sea

    I’ve never played their games before. They look interesting. I’m assuming they are multiplayer??
  19. Tides of War: General Navy Games

    Tides of War: General Navy Games

    Tides of War General Chat on Navy Games
  20. IL2 - Dev blog #277

    IL2 - Dev blog #277

    Dear Pilots, Good news on all fronts this week as we continue our march towards completion of Battle of Normandy and ramp up work on Flying Circus II. We hope to have some pics of the first FCII plane, the Nieuport 28 soon for you, but today we’ll stick to WWII. As you already know, We have...