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    TF 5.0 update

    new planes planned for TF 5.0, release date unknown...2016 i would guess.  also a north africa map is rumured. If you enjoy warthunder but want to move to a more realistic ww2 combat sim check out cliffs of dover. Wellington IA P-40E F4f-3/Martlet Bf-108 Taifun Tiger Moth with guns and bombs...
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    DCS Huey

    anyone flying? i really like it but landing is the hardest part....
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    ATAG server events stuka mania.. sign up for may 23 event
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    allied bomber day may 9/15 and here is the blue side link 40 planes a side, rsvp....server 2  will have a password...see links for time and more info.
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    twitch channel official sto captain smirk....i guess these guys actually design parts of the game
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    Bomber Day april 11/15

    if you want to escort or fly a bomber checkout the atag server at 1300  pacific online a little earlier to get flight ops.
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    Sakai was the top Japanese ace to survive the war. The book starts as he enters high school and follows through to the end of WW2 and post war japan. I was amazed at the harsh training that Japanese pilots endured. Corporal punishment was the norm. I couldn't imagine having to find the...
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    Island Hopper Sqd. Forming

    Looking for pilots of any skill to ship out ASAP to ports unknown in the south pacific. Requirements: dwnlded as u will be applying to : IL2 1946 loaded with UP 2.0n Recruits must be active in the IL2 community on a regular basis. (...
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    Panzer Aces

    When i started to play Darkest Hour a lot i loaded up on WW2 amour books. This is my fav so far as it is written by the actual crew member in extreme detail. Most books i find discuss the campaigns and not so much detail about actual engagements. The only panzer ace i was aware of was...
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    Ultra 1.8 Pack

    Yet another version. Smaller file and runs smoother than 1.2 IMO, check it out!
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    facebook/top gun 2009

    If u enjoy facebook games/applications check out topgun 2009. typical application, upgrade your planes and move up the ladder via dogfights.
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    combined ops

    so with the weekend approaching does anyone want to set a date and time of trying to do some flying together? even a handful people will make it worth while? sat? sunday? i would like to meet the 117th and catch up with kabayos group.
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    west coat tournament

    MCVG-2 has been taking parth in this tournament hosted by air speed angels. the next rd. is set for june 29/09 8pm pac time. we are always looking for pilots who want to fly as a team regardless of skill level. aces to new players always welcome.
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    vista and overlay issues

    how do u get TS overlay and bombtable to overlay vista? i have had no luck in doing so.