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    USS Enterprize - Preparations for War

    = ENGLISH = US forces in the South Pacific were under minimum in early October 1942. The Big E was damaged in the Battle of Solomon in August, and was under repair in Hawaii, while the Wasp was sunk by a submarine in September. The Saratoga, meanwhile, received a torpedo on August 31 and had...
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    The Black Sheep Squad

    Hu Evilken Welcome and great to see you. Get onto our TS3 and chat to TigerShark and Ironback. TS3 address is "" Default port: 9987 No password Scxroll down to the War Thunder channels. Gosling ToW AM
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    Calling All Browncoats....

    Calling all Browncoats.... The 'verse needs you.... This is a new role playing game based on the cult SciFi series "Firefly"... Here is a precis of the game play.... Should be published Summer 14 on PC, MAC, and mobile platforms.  We will have so...
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    Organizations In Star Citizen

    I dont mind the idea of SAR mission but I am not really into being a pirate...  Im a bit to on the side of teh right / good for that.  I suspect that in this game those lines will be a bit blurred, but Im not really into attacking and killing for the sake of it... Gos
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    Tow-Pmc - Membership Check In

    As we are building the ToW-PMC it's a good idea for new members to check in here to prove that they can view this secure area.   Please post in this thread once you have been given access to this forum. Gosling, checking in.
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    Organizations In Star Citizen

    This is excellent stuff.  I am up for this but have only gone for the basic aircraft so far.  I am keeping my account up to date.  I am also aware of anoth player(well not yet of course) here in the UK that wants to be in a small organisation.  He is capable of being an officer within the...
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    ToW:MCVG2 Server

    Gentlemen Great progress. After much struggling and hair pulling out I have finally managed to run the server without it trying to kick everyone who joins. I am about to receive the missions that are proposed for teh server and soon we will be in a position to have the server running 24/7...
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    I found USB headsets vewry tempremental and went back to plugs. I also found that the USB headset had to always be in the same port every time to work and prefereable not on a hub
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    Need A Dedicated Server To Use

    This is excellent and provides us with new problems to solve. I think its a great tactic on their part and I would be disappointed if we gave up flying that server as a result. It would seem to me a little like sour grapes and I dont think MCVG-2 is that way inclined. I am sure we can learn...
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    Intelligence Updates

    Considering the pasting that ie Shima has been getting, I am not surprized. I take it VBF-12 have been launching with lower fuel. Sounds like we need to do the same. If one carrier is sunk the the aircraft will air spawn. Either way the game should still be playable and as much fun - So I...
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    New Slot Avenger

    Well I am have real snags with this mod I do not have the folders or files that the lines of text need to go into Also, my "files" folder is marked out "-Files" What do I do please? Gos
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    Is It True........

    I believe your question is answered LOL
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    Scores From Sunday

    Chaps The intention next week will be like this week, ie to have a dedicated trng session on a specific aspect of air combat post match. Next week will be defending against the 109k4 BnZ. Gos
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    Post Match Trng - 05nov06

    Picken Right we will make Situation Awareness a feature of a future trng session. Gos
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    Post Match Trng - 05nov06

    Chaps I hope I am not stepping on anyones toes who are experienced and consider that I am out of place trying to train our pilots I hope the trng into 109k4 BnZ tactics was useful. 109K4 Characteristics: - Best climb rate in game. - WEP lasts for 10mins and does not recover - first 1%...
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    Definitions - By Gosling

    CODE WORDS1. The following is a list of code words and abbreviations and they meanings: Code Word Text Format Tactical Meaning Angels 12k Height in thousands of feet Bandit nme Aircraft positively identified as Hostile Bent 45% Damage in percentage Bingo rtb f Minimum fuel to return...
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    Welll Played Everyone...

    You're a top man and I have always said it...
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    Hey Guys Better Late Than Never I Say

    Okay When I was flying with 616 we arranged for a friend of mine to undergo about 8 sessions that took him from a complete beginner to a competant pilot... He is YQ@H_Pim and now flys for Thorn I think. Gos
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    Hey Guys Better Late Than Never I Say

    I have run a Ab Anitio to Wings course at 0800UK Saturdays in the past - We could do that again as I never mind getting up... Gos
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    Welll Played Everyone...

    It was: Control Panel / Game Controllers / Advanced / Prefered Device - [none] changed with the drop down menu to my stick. Gos