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    USS Enterprize - Preparations for War

    = ENGLISH = US forces in the South Pacific were under minimum in early October 1942. The Big E was damaged in the Battle of Solomon in August, and was under repair in Hawaii, while the Wasp was sunk by a submarine in September. The Saratoga, meanwhile, received a torpedo on August 31 and had...
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    Calling All Browncoats....

    Calling all Browncoats.... The 'verse needs you.... This is a new role playing game based on the cult SciFi series "Firefly"... Here is a precis of the game play.... Should be published Summer 14 on PC, MAC, and mobile platforms.  We will have so...
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    Tow-Pmc - Membership Check In

    As we are building the ToW-PMC it's a good idea for new members to check in here to prove that they can view this secure area.   Please post in this thread once you have been given access to this forum. Gosling, checking in.
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    ToW:MCVG2 Server

    Gentlemen Great progress. After much struggling and hair pulling out I have finally managed to run the server without it trying to kick everyone who joins. I am about to receive the missions that are proposed for teh server and soon we will be in a position to have the server running 24/7...
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    Post Match Trng - 05nov06

    Chaps I hope I am not stepping on anyones toes who are experienced and consider that I am out of place trying to train our pilots I hope the trng into 109k4 BnZ tactics was useful. 109K4 Characteristics: - Best climb rate in game. - WEP lasts for 10mins and does not recover - first 1%...
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    Welll Played Everyone...

    Chaps Finally got things working. I thought everyone played really well. Gos
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    Flying Operations Manual

    Gentlemen In support of our Training Officer I am posting up the CVG-12 Flying Operations Manual (FOM) Reference - USN Air 1202 Expect corrects from the Training Officer in due course. Many thanks to CVG-12 for the kind permission to use their manuals until ours are complete. Brinkley
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    Cvg-12 - Air Combat Manoeuvring Manual

    The Air Combat Manoeuvring Manual can be downloaded from this link. This document is classified CONFIDENTIAL and as such is now held in a secure folder. The login username is: cvg12 The password is: jabo USN Air 1203 - ACMM Please Download and Print. There is lots of useful stuff in there. Gos
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    Cvg-12 - Flying Operations Manual

    Gentlemen Here is the initial draft of the Flying Operations Manual. Still lots of editing to do. Contributions welcomed. USN Air 1202 - FOM The lesson on Carrier Circuits has an associated film in this link. Click the following link and "Save as" to your: C:\Program Files\Ubi Soft\IL-2...
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    Cvg-12 - Radio Telephony Manual

    Gentlemen Here is the Radio Telephony Manual USN Air 1206 - RTM Gos
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    Raf Ap2280 - Pilots Notes - Seafire Mkib, Iic, Iii

    Spitfire V series pilot's notes, scanned to .jpg files Right click and "save as" packed in .rar archive RAF AP2280 - Pilots Notes, Seafire MkIB, IIC, & III Jez
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    General Notes

    Gentlemen Download the following for a good general appreciation of all IL2 flyable aircraft: Aircraft Guide The following will also assist in establishing your capability against enemy aircraft: Aircraft Comparison Guide Here's a Movie on the basic control surfaces and instruments of the...
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    Raa R-254311 - Pilots Notes - Il2m Sturmovik

    Gents Find enclosed a copy of the original Pilots Notes for the IL2m Sturmovik. Russian Army Aviation r-254311 - Pilot's Notes, IL2m Sturmovik I am currently getting them translated for us. I expect an English version next month and will add the link here. Gos
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    Cvg-12 - Recognition Manual - Supplement 02 - F6f Hellcat

    This is the first Recognition Manual Supplement - F6F Hellcat USN Air 1205 - 01 - Hellcat Just download this zip file and save it to your computer. Then open it and open the pdf file inside. There is a test in the presentation so PM me with the answers, just put a name to each number. SiWarrior
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    Cvg-12 - Recognition Manual - Supplement 02 - A6m Zeke

    This is the second recognition manual supplement - A6m Zero Just download this zip file and save it to your computer. Then open it and open the pdf file inside. USN Air 1205 - 02 - Zeke There is a test in the presentation so PM me with the answers, just put a name to each number. SiWarrior
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    Cvg-12 - Ground Operations Manual (gom)

    Gentlemen Here is the Ground Operations Manual. USN Air 1201 - GOM Gos
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    Cvg-12 - History

    Gentlemen Here is the History of CVG-12 collated by Lancer. USN Air 1207 - CVG-12 History Gos
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    Fighter Combat: Tactics And Maneuvering

    Author : Robert L. Shaw ISBN: 0-85059-842-7 Rating: ***** Review By: Gosling Review: This is just about the most detailed and comprehensive manual on the art of Air Combat that has ever been written. Most just explain the experience of particular pilot in particular actions. This book...