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    Brilliant Ocean

    Well Phil wanted an introduction to the new ocean that is being placed into the game. So without any more delay here it is: Please feel free to drop us comments or visit our post in the forums: View the full article
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    WWII Vids

    Trust me grandson, the War was in Color.
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    Your Club Or Clan Is Welcome ...

    Tides of War registered clubs and clans may submit articles concerning their club activities. If you were to have the volume needed Tides Publications would open up an Ezine section for your organization. Your Club or Clan is welcome, even as a Non-Tides Club or Clan, however there may be a...
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    Fates Crossed In Atlantic

    Reprinted from the Toronto Star by George Gamester Apr. 18, 2004. 01:00 AM Fates crossed in Atlantic GEORGE GAMESTER ENEMIES FRIENDS No, you wouldn't call them buddies, exactly. But Werner and Shonny still feel a bond - threads of fate pulling them together. Especially in...
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    Tale Of War And Remembrance

    Reprinted from the Toronto Star by George Gamster Nov. 9, 2003. 01:00 AM Tale of war and remembrance World War II gunner survived the shooting down of his bomber Wine, maggots healed his burns but deeper wounds still ling GEORGE GAMESTER So, Sam. Will you sleep okay these...
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    Requiem For A Gallant Fighter

    RE printed from the Toronto Star by George Gamster Feb. 15, 2004. 01:00 AM Requiem for a gallant fighter Canadian destroyer went down off Iceland Crew members prepare to revisit graves of 15 mates GEORGE GAMESTER Fingers. Think of them as fingers, touching lives. Reaching...
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    Hmcs Moose Jaw Catches U-boat 501

    Re printed from the Candadian national Defense site By Charmion Chaplin-Thomas HMCS MOOSE JAW Catches a U-Boat Lt F.E. Grubb, RCN, commanding officer of the Flower-class corvette HMCS MOOSE JAW, reports the sinking of the German...
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    Finding The Man War Left Behind

    Finding the man war left behind Reprinted from the Toronto Star ( ) Oct. 24, 2004. 08:06 AM , by Stuart Laidlaw, Staff Reporter The telling of this story from the Toronto Star shows how most of us have a penchant for leaving it until its too late to find out about our parents'...
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    Oakville Vet Thanked By Queen Beatrix

    Re printed from :Source unknown Oakville vet thanked by Queen Beatrix Krissie Rutherford, Special to the Beaver May 14, 2005 . May 14, 2005 Bombardier Jim Gibb of the Royal Canadian Artillery has experienced a lot of unforgettable moments in Holland. At age 24, he fought to liberate The...
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    One Day -- Two Anniversaries

    Source: Unknown Krissie Rutherford, Special to the Beaver May 7, 2005 One day -- two anniversaries For World War II veteran Roy Brown, May 8 represents the best and worst days of his life Krissie Rutherford, Special to the Beaver May 7, 2005 For Flying Officer Roy Brown, tomorrow brings...
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    A Pow's March From Hell To Freedom

    A PoW's march from hell to freedom Article reprinted from the Tronto Star WWII pilot recalls Stalag ordeal 'I felt it was my duty to escape' by SCOTT SIMMIE FEATURE WRITER This is a quiet Victory in Europe story. There are no townspeople singing anthems or throwing...