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  1. Goatman24

    Goodbye "card" To East

    Best of luck East. It's been a pleasure, Mitch
  2. Goatman24

    What Happened To The Flash Game.

    My hat's off to Jesper as he comes through again. Thanks mate. I do get a error message on the second link though. Mitch
  3. Goatman24

    What Happened To The Flash Game.

    Understood and good to hear you're on the winning end. I know how long those things can be drawn out. Of course that's part of their game. Mitch
  4. Noticed the flash game is no longer operational. Any chance of it being used in the future? Wanted to send the link to someone. Mitch
  5. Goatman24

    Interesting U-boat Link.

    Hey guy's, someone sent me this link for U-boats. Pretty interesting stuff. Just thought I'd pass it on. http://uboat.net/ Mitch
  6. Goatman24

    Chapter 1 Completed. Ready For 2.

    This one works for me anyway. He He He. Mitch
  7. Goatman24


    Last two! Ah, ha, Imageshack was the answer. Thanks - Ultimate Goat! AKA Mitch
  8. Goatman24


    Alright, not to show off or anything but here you go. Hope I'm doing this right. Testing one two Ultimate Goat!
  9. Goatman24

    Please Have Your Fireextinguiser Ready

    I once had a cd burner that totally blew up when in use. I mean the largest piece of cd was about 1/4" and all kinds of stuff was hanging out of the unit. I could never understand what could have that much power in a cd player to totally destroy itself like that. Should have gotten a picture as well. Was actually kinda funny. Mitch
  10. Goatman24

    Very Cool Download!

    Just thought you guy's might find the following download link pretty cool. http://earth.google.com/ Click on the purple "Get Google Earth" and download the program. After you install it you will get a picture of the earth as seen from space. You can rotate the earth and zoom in anywhere and get a very close satelite image. Houses are easily seen. I think the cities might have better resolution for some reason. Check it out. I went to look at the pyramids in Egypt, Niagara Falls, the Arizona at Oahu Hawaii etc.. Below is a shot I captured over the Arizona and Missouri. You could have zoomed in closer but I wanted to get both ships in the shot. Notice the oil leaking still from the Arizona. Mitch
  11. Goatman24


    I just finished my last mission. I think I only went into maybe one or two patrols. Typical guy thing I guess. Don't like to read directions. I was hoping I could finish before my computer died on me. I think it's getting close to that time. Mitch
  12. Took me long enough but I finally completed my last mission in chapter 1. Anxiously awaiting for what lies ahead. Mitch
  13. Goatman24

    Just Popping Back To Say Hi!

    Interesting, I never heard that one. I only hear things like "We've got that fuel leak fixed sir, everythings OK now" as the nose of my ship slips under the waves for the last time. I like the idea of more voice interaction though. Still waiting for Chapter 2 as well. Mitch
  14. Goatman24

    Enigma Ripper - Game File Unpacker/repacker

    TT, I'm intersted in just changing a ship number at this point. Can I do that? Downloaded and everything seemed to load good but not quite sure where to go from here. May try to match the camoflage of a certain ship as well. Thanks, Mitch
  15. Goatman24

    Surface 10 Lock Up.

    Down to one mission left. US Surface 10b. Mitch

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