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  1. starshell

    Goodbye "card" To East

    Looks like there were no takers on Ebay then! Not surprised really as the advert was poor and didn't really tell you much, it didn't look very professional either!!
  2. starshell

    Goodbye "card" To East

    Good luck with your new project East. It is a tragic end for Enigma's potential, but at least you did give the naval enthusiasts one of the most exciting and modern games on the market. Cannot believe I will never see that upgraded Flower Class Corvette floating on my monitor. Can you at least give us some final screens of the Flower in her latest stage of development from all angles and close up ? Good luck!
  3. starshell

    River Plate

    Yup, watched it. Interesting, but nothing new in there really that we didn't know about. There were a lot of rumours last year that Graf Spee was going to be raised, but nothing was mentioned in the programme so hopefully they changed their minds.
  4. starshell

    Iron Parrot Awards

    I was surprised not to see the Pirates of the Caribbean community on there. They totally transformed the original locked and rather lackluster campaign into an open-ended campaign with many new storylines to follow. Add to that the many excellent 3d models added and it ended up a superb game by the time the 12.1 mod was released with some truly spectacular sea battles.
  5. starshell

    "distant Guns" Game - Anyone Watching This One?

    Good site there Rob. I can see that one being very useful for some background reading when the game comes out.
  6. This game is shaping up to be a really good historical 3D strategy title. It is set in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05. The link to the website is here Distant Guns and release looks imminent. Some key features: Key Features State of the Art 3d Realtime game engine ? including multiple dynamic light sources on properly equipped systems. Play in full screen or windowed mode at any color depth or screen resolution your computer can support. Huge game world ? Individual battles are fought in a 100km x 100km battle space, and you need never worry about falling off the map. If a battle nears the edge of the 3d battle space, the game instantly auto-generates a new one based on satellite data covering the entire Northwest Pacific region. In theory, a battle can last for days and hundreds or thousands of miles. Individual ballistic resolution - every shell fired, from 37mm and up , including armor penetration calculations. Dynamic lighting and weather changes during battles. Weather and lighting affect ship and weapon performance ? Heavy seas slow ships down, and interfere with the use of guns mounted near or below current wave heights. 3d Surround Sound - Full 3D Directional Battle and Environmental game sounds Five Star Musical Score - A Rich original sound track created to enhanse a captivating gaming experience. Total 3D Camera Control - Preset, User Set, and Free Form Camera settings allow total camera control, even when switching between ships. Astronomical engine - tracks proper sun, moon position and phase for any location and instant during each battle. Detailed 3d models of 248 historical ships, ranging in size from torpedo boats to battleships. Every significant weapon and critical location is placed exactly on each model. Armor is historically placed and rated for quality. 16 Player Multiplay - Play against up to 16 other players in LAN and internet multiplay, or against a challenging computer opponent. If players leave a multiplayer game, the computer opponent can take over for them. Searchlights, mines, base defenses and shore batteries. Extensive Navigation Assistance Logic, including automatic torpedo and collision avoidance, helps you keep your forces organized during a battle. Shell Cam - Shells and torpedoes are visible on the way to their targets. Shell-cam allows you to see the battle as viewed from flying shells. Automatic targeting of secondary weapons ? You don?t have to worry about manually retargeting to take care of close-in threats while engaging more critical targets at a distance. Detailed resolution of damage and repairs, with crew based damage control, on-board flooding and fires. Limited intelligence ? You only see enemy forces that can be seen from your own ships. Scenarios cover seven historical battles, two historical variants, and one hypothetical battle. Experience the surprise night torpedo attack on Port Arthur. Play battles as small as single ship duels or as large as the climactic Battle of Tsushima. Players? guide includes extensive ship reference and tutorial, and is included in MS Word, PDF and MS help formats. Try before you buy ? Download the game and play the Battle of Ulsan scenario for up to thirty days, free! If you decide you want to play the full game, online registration is fast and easy. Automatic updates ? The game automatically checks our servers for patches, updates and new battle scenarios, every time you play. If an update is available, you have the option of accepting it or continuing to play with your existing version.
  7. starshell


    I still drop in here too when i'm not playing SH3 or flight sims, just to check on what is happening
  8. starshell

    Engine Refactoring

    Strange announcing a new engine for a naval warfare game with pics of a plane - personally I think I would have waited with that announcement until a ship was done If I want pretty planes I will fly IL2, show me the ships!
  9. starshell

    Pc Gameworld Review

    Just a very poor reviewer I think - all that stuff about playing battleships in the bath and firing a turd just summed up this guy for me - one big a**hole !
  10. starshell

    Favorite Ride?

    Corvette The perfect sub hunter as it turns quickly after a pass on a sub and has the advantage of hedgehog too.
  11. starshell

    Folder C:/erttemp - Ok To Delete?

    I noticed that after I had installed ERT Gold the 242 mb folder C:/ertTemp has appeared. As it is named as a temp file I assume it is just full of redundant installation files and can be deleted from the C drive - is this correct ??
  12. starshell

    Mission Impossible

    Congratulations Looks like a new technique there to add to the list - never tried firing torps set at 20 feet before - I might just have to try that mission again - errrrr, no, what was I thinking
  13. starshell

    Any News Yet On Multiplayer ?

    Never realised Pointsoft had gone bust also Sounds like tough days ahead East - maybe you should take up playing the lottery - or maybe we should all form the Enigma lottery syndicate
  14. This site has been offline for ages now - is it going to be resurrected or is it staying offline due to no interest/activity ??
  15. starshell


    Just to say many thanks for this timetraveller It will be a great tool for those of us less gifted with script writing for missions. Will give it a thorough testing over the next couple of days Cheers

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