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  1. Another lovely frag feast.

    Ok Im not working this one so that means I get to play this time and turn on my hacks. make your team and join. http://www.alienwarearena.com/event/l4d-sotf/ There is gonna be a Misercorde team for this event but I will be hand picking the ones I feel are better and that Ive played with already. But if anyone else wants to play feel free to make a team and play.
  2. What if?

    I do the pools right off my balcony come over theres something for everyone. Thats why I live in Cali I dont need to go no where its all here.
  3. Left4Dead

    MMmm I think you done put me on the spot. Mabey I would like to be a girl? Look --------------------->>> Zombies!
  4. What if?

    You would freeze up there to Death. >_< I would drive around in a car hitting stuff smelling of booze. Wait I do that now what Im I talking about. (I was making a joke here dont drink and drive.) To tell you the truth I would find the most reliable people I know not the succsesful ones the most RELIABLE and work from there. Other then that I would have no idea because I have to face the facts the ideas foriegn but ILL TELL YOU WHAT I would survive. Bring it Zombies I got a computer to throw at you.
  5. Left4Dead 2

    I think the boycott is a waste of time personaly. I see the reasons for this "boycott" and agree the game will seem like a expansion or add on but Im pretty sure the mechanics of the game engine for L4d 2 will be different. It takes lots of work for somebody to make a game let alone a mod. I have to give credit to the game developers and if they want another game let them. Its funny there are so many games out there but only cats on steam seem to be on this boycott but its nothing compared to all the other gamers that dont know about the steam comunity and just have it for the game. Its up to you not to buy the game or not. Anyway have fun and hope you cats get your point accross somehow Im just here to play. I would suggest for anyone with skills that they use them and mabey make a mod that you can use for L4D that way you might actually have an impact on how the game turns out instead of just wishing. I also see how steam and valve is pushing for sales with commercials and web based sales. To me there getting a lot more money then they should be. Remember who works with who here before a boycott mabey you guys are boycottting the wrong things. This is just my opinion that is all HAVE FUN!
  6. Left4Dead

    My name on steam is Flint. Favorite player to play as Zoey. (Id rather look at a female then a guy. >_<) Favorite game type VS of course but there all fun. I play on Dedicated servers the most I dont want ping messing up my game. Last achivement was I think a gold on another survival level. Best weapon autoshot gun but I play with all guns and those pistols can do wonders if you know how to use them. My favorite zombie the Hunter I love jumping around survivers making them try to shoot me. Screenshoot none of those but mabey soon. Best mod I forgot the name but you can crawl when incapacitated, detach smoker tounge with right click, zombie claws do LOTS more damage. Hunter pounces do more damage. Tips mmm if I gave you them It would make winning that much harder mabey next time. One thing count, and pay attention to sounds and your teamates actions. LEFT 4 DEAD IS AT MY HOME WHERE YOU AT?