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  1. Buxton

    Potential Guild Merger With Dragon Muffins

    For once I did something ahead of the deadline - Feral Instinct is now Feral Muffins!
  2. Buxton

    Potential Guild Merger With Dragon Muffins

    The upshot of this meeting: Yes, we shall merge guilds. We unanimously decided that the we would merge one guild into the other, rather than start a new guild afresh. The new guild name was agree upon as Feral Muffins. It was a very difficult decision as to which existing guild would become the new Feral Muffins. Factors such as active player base, achivements, bank tabs etc all played a small part but in the end it came down to a hand-to-hand duel between the GMs...sorry, getting carried away there! Anyway, the consensus was that the two guilds are very, very close in almost every measurable aspect. The final decision was that the Muffins would come to the Ferals. So existing instinctive ferals, please welcome our new furry, delicious tasting brethren as they join our combined guild. The nominal date for the merger is next Tuesday. Subject to real life distractions and the Blizzard mechanics for name changing, that is when we will officially become Feral Muffins. Note that there will likely be changes to the guild ranks structure (possibly before next Tuesday). Please don't be alarmed! Corbetti
  3. As most folk know, we have been raiding as a coalition with Dragon Muffins for ages now. It has been by far the most successful of many coaltions over the 7 1/2 years of Feral Instinct. Dragon Muffins is also a very old guild (itself a merger of Dragon Knights and Dire Muffins). The coalition has been so successful because, in my opinion, the people are nice and its based on trust. We don't use DKP. We don't have complicated priority systems. We go to have fun as well as to achieve progress. Looking forward to Mists it would be great to be able to share the levelling and 5 man content with them too. Unfortunately, Blizzard has not yet provided a mechanic to in some way "link" guilds and the shared chat channel is a poor substitute. Both myself and Nuroog, GM of Dragon Muffins, are open to consideration of a guild merger. The timing is key; if we do it now, then we will soon recoup guild reputation (which is wiped on leaving a guild) whilst levelling in Mists. We are not going to form a new guild for raiders only (as happened once before with Dark Venom). The options are: 1. Merge Feral Instinct into a [renamed] Dragon Muffins. All FI members would be encouraged, but not forced to move. FI would not be disbanded for those members (or alts) who wished to stay. Buxton would become GM of FI again. 2. Merge Dragon Muffins into a [renamed] Feral Instinct. All DM members would be encouraged, but not forced to move. DM would not be disbanded for those members (or alts) who wished to stay. Corbetti would remain GM and we would have a reshuffle of officers to make sure everyone is fairly represented. 3. Leave things as they are. Please feel free to read the discussions over at the Dragon Muffins forum and leave feedback either there (requires registration) or here; or else mail Corbetti in-game. The guild officers will be having a discussion tomorrow (Tuesday) evening on teamspeak - so if you want your opinion represented at that point, please act swiftly! Patron Corbetti (aka Buxton)
  4. Buxton

    Warmaster Blackhorn And His Sappers

    The sapper is a nice fun element, unlike phase 2's shockwave!
  5. Buxton

    All The Best

    Hey old-timer, you never saw me when we used to play Iron Wolves either - just my torpedos before they sank yer hide! /bux
  6. Buxton

    All The Best

    Its been fun times over the last however many years but I understand how the sparkle can fade after that length of time. Due to sprog & work committments my current playtime has reduced to almost nil, maybe the break will give me renewed vigour if and when I get the chance to return. Enjoy StarWars and keep in touch. Cheers, Phil
  7. Buxton

    Druid Pvp?

  8. Buxton

    Bear Cub

    Buxton & Vetra are pleased to announce the birth of a baby girl, all appendages intact and weighing in at 6lb 12oz, born 1.37am on 14th December. Mum and baby doing fine. Phil
  9. Buxton

    United Nations

    What do you need? 3K doesn't sound too great a gap. /bux
  10. Buxton


    Big grats Daiz! "We are Legendary"!
  11. Buxton


    Updated shot of ma troll in green dragonscale:
  12. Buxton


    And now I present for you Retrobear, Buxton circa end of 2005.
  13. Buxton


    Do ya mons tink ah'm sexy? This is the set in Wowhead's 3D model viewer. I also have a Dragon's head I could stick on instead of the wolf's. Another look - Corbetti the Kniggit.
  14. Buxton


  15. Buxton

    25 Man Raids

    Corbetti, range DPS (SV/BM), crit immune pet OT for tank & spank type fights. SV provides 10% physical haste buff, primarily magic damage and an extra CC. BM provides 3% all damage buff, primarily physical damage and Bloodlust (Ancient Hysteria).
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