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Lord Sunderland

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  1. Lord Sunderland

    EvE Online: Into the Abyss has been released.

    I wish I could have been more active! Life's just been hectic lately.
  2. Lord Sunderland

    EvE Online: Into the Abyss has been released.

    The new EvE Online Expansion has been released. It brings: - Three new "Precursor" ships and a strange new weapon system that only these ships can equip. - A new Solo PvE Challenge that pits the player against these new enemies in an unstable "Abbysal Deadspace" pocket of space-time. The player will die in 20 minutes if they don't escape. - The End of Immortal Outposts. Now all Low-Sec and Null-Sec Space Structures will become "citadels" and if not defended will be destroyed. - More Story Driven Content - And so much more!
  3. Lord Sunderland


    Stellaris 2.1 (Niven) Update and Distant Stars DLC is out. It's absolutely incredible. 2.1 has DOUBLED the number of anomalies and reformed the discovery system significantly. More events to help and hinder your empire ensure that variety is the spice of life. Visually, there are now Binary and Trinary systems. Gameplay wise there are a myriad of fixes and balances including new technologies and new structures and science ships now have the ability (once researched) to directly travel to any revealed system. This allows you to continue your discovery even after being surrounded by enemies. The DLC brings the "L-Cluster" and the "L-Gates". It's a constellation outside the galaxy that houses great riches, true horrors, and a terrible secret...
  4. No, I didn't die. Although these past few weeks have been ABSOLUTELY MENTAL. A funny thing happened chaps. An Oldie, but Goodie game has risen from the dead. Age of Empires Online (AoEO) has been resurrected with the following link: https://www.reddit.com/r/projectceleste/wiki/how-to-install-and-play-aoeo-celeste-fan-project Rejoice, for the community server hath ordained that you won't be charged for any of the Content like the "new" factions and quests. The "premium currency" is now used to acquire the Pumpkin Head Vanity objects. Also, there's no one waiting in the wings for you to buy that premium currency either. The 2012 graphics hold up remarkably well in 1920 x 1680 and resemble that of 'Northgard'. It's a solid Age of Empires game with a complete host of Cooperative missions that can support 2 players (any faction). You can play through Faction A's story if you do it with a player from Faction B. It has a few 'Farmville'-esque elements in your "Capital City" and your units are equiped with gear much like "Company of Heroes Online". Fortunately, the current development team actually give a S--- and have balanced the 4 player skirmish mode (PvP) and the end game Horde mode (Survive against the attackers) better than the original. TLDR: It's good for Cooperative Fun and is miles better than AoE III.
  5. Lord Sunderland

    Sins of a Solar Empire - Space RTS with Capital Ships and Titans

    In the coming weeks, I'll be finished all my assignments for uni. After that happens I'd be more than happy to contribute to the Tidal Times.
  6. Sins of a Solar Empire is an absolute masterpiece. http://store.steampowered.com/app/204880/Sins_of_a_Solar_Empire_Rebellion/ It's a Real Time Strategy Game in which you fight over planets (Multiple Solar Systems available in one game). - Three Races: TEC (Human), Vasari (Alien), Advent (Space Psychic Ladies). - Each Race has "Rebels" and "Loyalists" ensuring there are basically Six Factions. - Diplomacy with "Pacts" that give you sexy bonuses. - Capital Ships have magic powers, like Heroes from Warcraft III. - Ludicrious Fleet Sizes. - Pirate NPC Faction that will raid for sport. - Multiplayer - Crazy AI (if you set it) - Fantastic Music DLC adds: - Miltia (Constantly Spawning NPC Fleets. Neutral Planet creates Neutral Militia. Allied Planets create Allied Militia). - Galaxy Events and Disasters - Planet Specialisations that change resource modifiers. - Maps Add me on steam if you fancy a game or two.
  7. Or at least just a few chaps to run some of the Queues with now again.
  8. Lord Sunderland


    Necro Bump! Stellaris 2.0.2 is out and it's even better than before! It's got clearly establish battle lines now and you fight over every star system. Takes days or even weeks to properly "finish" a game but it supports a canny amount of people in a game. If anyone wants to play don't hesitate to add me on steam.
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