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    Camping, Swimming, Writing poems, drawing, Gaming of course, Fantasy games to cards games. computer to board games. I also enjoy knitting and learning new things. I am a great leader but also enjoy following the way the it needs to be done,

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  1. Dear Readers, War Thunder is up and running for me. As I await my Leadership post to be granted inside the game, I will bring you up to speed on the things going on here in ToW. First and Foremost we are working on the Battle Group area of Air Assassins. This I am told will be taken care of soon. When you arrive make sure to explore the Battle Station Area you will find Tactical training is going to be conducted out of here very frequently. Accessing Tides of Wars extensive library for By; Land, Air, Sea and not for us Fantasy. Although this is just one portion of what is done in the community of ToW. If you play any games that are fantasy we can find them in there or....(just need to ask) This is another great games you want to play you will be able to find people to play with, making it a stronger and greater community when we are here together. Also A great thing to do is sign up for a Marshal to follow. The site is themed to help you with a familiar way in which you think given the type of Ground, Air, Space or Fleet. Bigger still is they can help if you should have a question or problem.
  2. Dear Readers, I would like to introduce myself. First and foremost because I will be leading you into the future of our gaming experience together. Most individuals before coming into a group want to understand what they are coming into. You being part of Air Assassins Inc. know we are part of Tides of War. We play in a gaming community. First thing we do in here is sign up in our groups. Like this one. So we can get the info to ourselves, our squadron as a whole. I have been a leader of a Squadron for 3 years. Building it from the ground up. I come from a military family. Also I myself have military cadet training. I enjoy tactical training sessions and I will make sure we work as a unit from the beginning.
  3. Co Rikku

    Teamspeak Downtime

    Is that ok to change my name?
  4. Co Rikku

    Teamspeak Downtime

    Dusty Is Doing a great job.
  5. Co Rikku

    Teamspeak Downtime

    We are merging Boyio with _ToW_ in WT should be complete by the Middle of April. I put my Co Commander over there who is the Deputy now:) DOM.
  6. Co Rikku

    Teamspeak Downtime

    Thanks for the update. We had one of our meetings, I posted this message to reassure everyone.
  7. Co Rikku

    Meet and Greet


    I have a meeting at 9 EDT. So Maybe Ill be Here Till then. I do have a engagement at 6 so will you Please tell what time Zone are you in?
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