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  1. just type in    tow    for the address and give yourself a nic... that is all ya need. If you want the official addres its ts.tidesofwar.net  ... either one works :)

    See ya soon!

  2. hey can ya send me the teamspeak server info, im trying  to get on it, it keeps failing

  3. i see you cant change the avatar pic

  4. so if you guys didnt know, in steam settings (in-game) they have added a setting to add a fps counter injoy

  5. so i got the a new gaming keyboard and mouse, keyboard is the razer blackwidow ultimate, and the mouse is the razar naga limited ed green, but everytime i have to umplug them to get my pc to restart load into windows, i was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this

  6. this is a little pricey at 130 for a mechanical gaming keyboard and a little noicey but its actually a really good keyboard even has a mode to disable the windows key (gaming mode) with the mechanical keys that are individually lite usb 2.0 and headset and mic pass through i must defiantly recommend this key board, indefinably worth it and quit frankly just looks cool, heres the link to the keyboard http://www.razerzone.com/gaming-keyboards-keypads/razer-blackwidow-ultimate
  7. hotrod645

    pc Great Mmo Gaming Mouse - Razer Naga

    i have the naga limited ed green and i love it xd
  8. time to grind sto to get to lvl 60, currently lvl 57 sep, is my main with 25 days play time oops :)

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