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  1. Jesper

    general chat I am not dead...just real busy

    Copy and Paste :P .. Good luck with your exams
  2. I like this one, I live by most of'em
  3. Thanks all, even to you the always late Erich =)
  4. Well... You're usually first to congrat me, since you weren't I did it my self... As for the growing up, hmmm I passed half my life, living as child, why should I suddenly be responsible ?
  5. Oh yeah, if no one wants to wish me a happy b'day, I do it my self HAPPY 40 JESPER =)
  6. Jesper

    music Metal ?

    The Gods Made Heavy Metal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v170acjyPws
  7. This just show how little I pay attention, but the question goes.. Do we have (any, few, some, many) WWII based gamers on this site, or are you all newer warfare games, like the war in Iraq or made up enemies?? What games are you guys/girls playing these days?
  8. Well if you don't know JA, you haven't lived long enough First release‎: ‎Jagged Alliance; 2 June 1994 <--- Really it is that old !! =) Sadly I don't have time to either play or manage a forum for that matter, however I can beat any of the JA games with my eyes closed and my hands tied to my toes
  9. We have a section for RTS games, but where is the Jagged Alliance section ??
  10. Jesper

    Enigma RETURNS!

    Hotel daVolta was canceled, like chapter 2 of E:RT was. The company is officially out of business. I feel sorry for you if you pre-ordered HdV and actually paid up in advance.
  11. Jesper

    IGN surface mission 8

    Heya, and welcome.... You should practice, that's all there is to it, try a different tactic.. Sometimes the best defence is a straight forward offence :-)
  12. Jesper

    Enigma Ripper - Game File Unpacker/repacker

    Which link doesn't work ?
  13. Jesper

    AA-guns at my ship.

    As far as I recall you can only use AA guns at enemy ships if you do it manually. Or you can try look at them with your binocs and issue "Engage AA guns"
  14. Jesper

    Ship Ideas

    E:RT-STH is not being developed

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