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    Gun Elevation

    The actual blocks are a mechanical limitation of the mount. So there is no way to actually get them to traverse to the point where they would hit the ship. Naval designers didn?t want some excited 19 year old manning a 20 mm gun to swing that weapons in and hose the ship with fire while tracking a target. It would be easy enough to do while peering through a Mk14 gun sight or looking through iron sights. So at a certain point the mount just hits a point where it won?t swing any further. If you somehow removed that limitation assuming it is possible to do in a practical sense the gun would fall off its mount. About the only weapons you had to worry about hitting your ship upon launching them were the hedgehogs. I?ve heard stories about how if the weather was rough enough you?d have trouble. If you launched in the bottom of a trough and the bow pitched up as you launched the mortars would sometimes collide with the bow. Now the mortars armed while in flight so there wasn?t much thread but having that amount of TNT or Torpex bounce off the bow must have been disconcerting. Other than that you could potentially blow off your fantail with depth charges if they were set too shallow and you were going to slow.
  2. CJ01

    Hedgehogs In Chapter 2

    You can?t adjust the actual pattern but the two types of projectors did have a different pattern. The Mk10 fired an elliptical patter while the Mk11 had a circular pattern. In addition the actual Hedgehog projector isn?t fixed in position but had limited movement on the fore to aft axis. This was accomplished by means of a hand crank on the back of the projector. It was mostly good for compensating for the roll of the ship and getting a little bit of a better lead on the sub.
  3. Does the fuzziness vary with depth though?
  4. I?ve had the opportunity to volunteer onboard one of the DE Museum ships over the years and a few things struck me about the game. First thing is that the Buckley Class in the game is listed as having 3 4? guns. In real life they were armed with 3"/50 Caliber DP guns. The 4? gun as I understand it was largely a British weapon dating back to WWI. The USN used them on some destroyers of World War I vintage but they were largely abandoned in favor of the 3?/50 or 5? guns for destroyers or DEs. Second is that unless I?m missing it there seems to be no way to estimate the depth of subs with any accuracy. I know that the sonar systems and hydrophones of that time weren?t the most accurate systems. They didn?t even have any capability to estimate depth until 1943. That said crews were often able to estimate depth by the distance the sub was away when they lost it on sonar or hydrophones. When a sub was running deep they?d lose the sub sooner on sonar. In Enigma there doesn?t even seem to be any capability to estimate depth in even this rough manner.

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