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  1. @treetom, Happy birthday old timer!
  2. Update - 9/13/2017

    Hello community! We wanted to keep you informed about what is going on. First, thanks for your patience through all of this. I know some of you had to re-create some of your accounts and we do apologize for that. Tbar: As some of you may already know, Tbar lives in the area affected by hurricane Irma. Currently he has communicated to us that he is OK but he is without power and internet. He will keep us posted of his situation and we will report back to you. 1PCDOC: 1PCDOC has been in and out of the hospital due to his health conditions. We just wanted you to keep him in your thoughts. When we hear more, we will keep you posted. Menu: We are working on the menu system to bring some structure to the website. IPS menus system has given us some trouble in the past, but we think with the latest release we are ready to push out our site menu. Themes: We have been working on new themes. We know some of you had commented that you didn't like the default IPS theme, so we have invested in some themes to bring back some color. You should see one of the new themes now as the default one. We wanted to get your feedback on it so please feel free to comment. Forum Structure: We are in the process of re-organizing our forum structure. We know some of the forums are old and we are aware of that. We have already completed the Community area and we invite you to provide feedback. We also have introduced "thread prefixes" to Soda & Coffee shop. Feel free to make some post in this general chat area and provide feedback. Moving Forward: We should have our SSL reinstalled in the next few weeks. We had some email issues and that should be resolved now so we can move forward with securing the website. Once that is secure we will be pushing with our marginalization of the forums and an overhaul of our forum permission system. We will also get our teamspeak squared away in the next few weeks. The teamspeak address will remain the same as it is today. We have enabled two-factor authentication with Google Authentication app. You can find the app in the IOS store for IPHONE or the Google Play store for Android phones. As always, thanks for your patience and please do provide us feedback about how we are doing and what you would like to see moving forward. Regards, Your ToWNet Team
  3. Update - 8/28/2017

    From The ToWNet Team: Ladies and gentlemen, first, let us start with our deepest apologies for the recent turmoil. We know some of you already know what happened and others do not know. So, we wanted to take the time to give those who aren't aware the details. About a week ago our web services went down. At first we believed it was just normal downtime. This does happen at any host from time to time. However; after 24 hours of the website not coming back online we knew something was wrong. After investigation we found that the company that hosted us, shut down. This happened without warning or prior notice to customers. That brings you up to speed. Now we want to let you know what we have done, and what we are planning on doing. We do have a stable, reliable host at this point. Our new host has 24/7 tech support and the server is on litespeed, which will help improve our website speed and overall performance. We did lose some data, but it isn't beyond recovery. Our site basically rolled back a year and we lost a year of data. Now, some of you think this might be a bad thing. Hindsight is 20/20, and we are thankful that we had this backup and didn't lose 15 years of data. We are in the process of creating backups on a automatic process so this doesn't happen to us again. Community wise, we are going to be doing some major overhauls to bring our gaming community up to speed in terms of content, services, and looks. Some of the forums are not visible. We are in the process of reviewing that content and the majority of it will possibly be "archived" for viewing purposes only. With the introduction of "clubs", we will be shifting some of the groups to that platform so the leaders of those groups can have control over their own content. Going forward we would like you, our community members, to give us feedback about what you like and don't like. We are looking for feedback from you about the color scheme, the navigation, usability, and ease of access to content. I will be setting up a new forum for this specific purpose and we look forward to working with you to bring you a great community experience here at Tides of War. Regards, Your ToWNet Team
  4. Thought some would get a kick out of this
  5. Sorry for late bday wishes! But hope you had a good one!
  6. Steel Ocean

    I've been playing it and I love it! It has that old IW feel to it.
  7. World of Warships

    hopefully they will have subs
  8. Steel Waves is set in a fictional world, in a time period roughly akin to our world in the early 20th century. The world is dominated by three main superpowers: The Confederacy of Free Nations, The Lacerian Hegemony, and the Theocratic Republic of Atavah. All is not as it seems, and peace could not hold out for long. Issues in the North began when Laceria continued it's expansionist policy throughout the Northern states. As the ruling body of a hegemony, Laceria would infiltrate smaller neighbours' cultural and political environments, and popularise beliefs that were beneficial to Laceria, even to the detriment of the country in question. For example, propaganda experts would enter a neighbouring country, and promote Lacerian products in the media. Citizens would consume the products, and be subtly shifted towards a pro-Lacerian stance through advertisements and propaganda. This would snowball until eventually the country as a whole felt they could not operate without Laceria's guidance, and willingly join the hegemony, hoping for a better life. Pockets of resistance would quickly be shut down by the powerful Lacerian military, and citizens who showed worth would be selected to join the Lacerian military. Affected countries did not feel oppressed as much as countries that had been traditionally invaded, as Laceria offered substantial benefits to joining the hegemony, such as relaxed trading restrictions, and opportunities to advance to a position of power in the military. Since the Lacerian forces did not have to attack an organised opponent, they did not have to expend many resources to gain control of a country. In fact, since countries would generally join voluntarily, Lacerian armed forces usually stood to gain from the expansion of the hegemony, in both the long and short terms. Noting the rapid expansion of it's rival to the East, North-Western countries began to grow afraid, fearing they would be next to be amalgamated by the hegemony. Taking charge in the face of this perceived threat, two of the larger Western countries, Eleutheria and Quaest, formed a secret coalition of smaller countries to stand united against the potential threat of Laceria. These countries wanted to ensure they could trade profitably and live peacefully, and uniting together against Laceria seemed to be the best option to ensure this could happen. When Lacerian forces entered the borders of it's largest neighbour, the state of Kvalmor, the coalition revealed itself and vowed to defend Kvalmor and the rest of the North. At this point the coalition named itself The Confederacy of Free Nations. To the south, on a separate continent, the republic of Atavah had been in seclusion for several decades. Fearing it's northern neighbours, Atavah had been researching advanced technology for it's military, both to protect themselves should the North unite against them, but also to eventually attack should the opportunity arise. When war was declared between the newly revealed Confederacy and the expanding Laceria, Atavah believed the opportunity had arisen. Despite only being a fraction of the way through their intended research, Atavah took advantage of this state of affairs and join the war, stating that unenlightened countries should not be left to run to modern world. As such, most of the offensive is focused around a series of islands in the middle of the continents, a chain called the Forlorn Islands, named for the absolute lack of resources on them. Instead of natural resources, the islands boast a military advantage in this three-way war, and so this is where the conflict is focused. This was a brief overview of the events that led up to the declaration of war. In time, more information will be released, further detailing each of the factions, important historical events, beliefs and traits of the countries of the world, as well as images such as national flags, propaganda posters, and ship designs. Be careful before you pick a faction to support, as all is not as it seems...
  9. Well, Steel waves is already getting some press reviews! Very exciting! http://www.cinelinx.com/game-news/item/5343-naval-combat-game-steel-waves-sets-sail-on-kickstarter.html
  10. Hello guys, I wanted to update you with some info from Game Tonic: You can find the campaign here: Steel Waves Kickstarter Also, get you demo here: Pre Alpha Demo Donation Amounts and what they mean: Latest Video: Teaser Trailer:
  11. Battlestations Pacific An Inspiration? =D

    Hi EdFishy, From what I understand it will be more focused on the sea battles than anything else. They do have subs already modeled and ready to implement into the game. I'll let Phil speak about that more.
  12. Updates From The Developers

    I'll update this topic with latest news from Game Tonic about Steel Waves as they publish them. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ January 22 Afternoon All We're in talks with the Insanely talented Daryl Toh who is an artist from Malaysia & Australia. If you're not familiar with his work then check out his Tumblr http://tohdaryl.tumblr.com/ He's going to be doing some concept art for us and if/when we release an art book along with Steel Waves it will feature all of his work in it so that'll be a nice collectors item Phil daryltoh_draws tohdaryl.tumblr.com The art Tumblr of Daryl Toh Liem Zhan. Comic artist and Illustrat
  13. Steel Waves

    Jan 2014 Footage Update: