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  1. Teamspeak Downtime

    Update: Our VPS host has posted the following information: At this time, we have to wait until this issue is resolved. Thanks for your patience during this time.
  2. Teamspeak Downtime

    Update: We are aware of random users having packet loss issues and disconnecting. We are investigating this with our VPS provider and are actively working to get this issue resolved. Thanks for your patience and understanding while we work through this.
  3. music 80s Synthwave

    For those of you who like 80's style synthwave music, I highly recommend this group FM-84.
  4. Teamspeak Downtime

    Teamspeak has been recently having connection problems. The first time was due to some network maintenance that was scheduled by our provider. The second downtime was due to software update that was required. The issue SHOULD be resolved at this time. If you notice any more down time please let us know so we can address it.
  5. Meet and Greet


    Heading to China tomorrow, but I might be able to attend this Saturday while I'm there.
  6. We are currently developing our "theme set" for Tides of War. The current default theme will be our main website theme and the base for our section themes. We are looking for your input! We want to know what you think. Is the site easy to read? Is the site easy to navigate? Can you find information you are looking for? What can we do to improve your user experience here at Tides of War? These are all important as we move forward with development of our section themes. We want to make sure we get the base theme correct before we roll out our section themes and we value your community feedback.
  7. Send us your feedback

    Hello Tides of War Community! We are pleased to present you our new homepage. We are looking for some community feedback. Please let us know what it is you like, dislike, would like to see. We are interested to hear from you! View full article
  8. Send us your feedback

    Hello Tides of War Community! We are pleased to present you our new homepage. We are looking for some community feedback. Please let us know what it is you like, dislike, would like to see. We are interested to hear from you!
  9. A gambit is a chess opening in which a player sacrifices a pawn or another low-importance piece in order to achieve a resulting advantageous position. Commanders! November 30 through December 19, the Global Map will host a large-scale game event, in which the best clan strategies and commanders will compete in planning and tactics. During the event, players can earn Bonds, Gold, unique badges, and Camouflage patterns, as well as a new set of awards. Also, the best players will be able to exchange Bonds for one of the five tier X vehicles that were previously available as the rewards in Campaigns on the Global Map. New Approach to the Mechanics Similarly to the previous events, clans and players will fight for personal and clan Fame Points; however, the mechanics of earning them will be considerably changed. Much will depend on the decisions the clan commanders make, since during the event, clans can receive strategic bonuses that will provide advantages in the competition for positions on the event leaderboard. Some bonuses will increase the number of Fame Points earned by players, while others will simplify the clan's actions on the map. Such bonuses can be received both through capturing provinces and using the Fame Points earned by the clan. Clans will have to choose: keep accumulating the points or take a risk and invest all accumulated points by leaving the Global Map and exchanging them for a chance of receiving more points or other non-battle advantages. Moreover, the playing field will be divided into three consecutive fronts that differ in the amount of Fame Points that can be earned on them. The higher the front, the more Fame Points and higher the competition and difficulty. The event will be divided into three gradually more complicated stages, so that the participants can better understand the game mechanics and adjust their tactics, if required. Also, all battles within the event will be played in the absolute format, 15x15 in tier IX and X vehicles. Reward System The rewards and conditions of earning them will differ considerably. Now, the number of players who receive the rewards will not be limited to a particular number, but limited to a percentage of the total number of participants who pass the minimum threshold of Fame Points and fought battles. The more participants, the more prize-winning places. The personal rewards will depend on both: the number of Fame Points earned by the player and the battle performance of their clan. The player will receive the basic reward for the achieved position, and the clan's position on the leaderboard will apply a particular bonus (up to x7). In addition to the can member’s influence on the rewards, the clans will receive gold for their clan vault. The total reward of Operation Gambit will be over 3,000,000 Gold. Rewards for players In this event, the rewards are more varied than in any previous event on the Global Map. Bonds: 75% of players who passed the minimum threshold of Fame Points and experience will receive Bonds; moreover the clan's position within the top 50% will increase the reward. Unique badges that are displayed in battle: For outstanding achievements in the event, 1% of the top players who belong to the clans that also made it to the 1% of the top clans on the leaderboard will receive the unique Legend of the Global Map badge. 10% of the top players (on the personal leaderboard), irrespective of the clan's achievements, will also receive the unique Hero of Operation Gambit badge. Three "digital" camouflage patterns, one per nation: Players who pass the minimum threshold of Fame Points, i.e. 100% of everyone who joins the leaderboard will receive the summer "digital" camouflage that was a limited reward in the previous clan event. In addition to the summer camouflage, the top 50% of players will receive the winter "digital" camouflage that previously has not been available. The top 25% will be additionally rewarded with the desert "digital" camouflage thus providing a full set of camouflage patterns for one vehicle of each nation in the game. Unique awards: A set of medals will be provided as commemorative awards. Vehicles for Bonds: Some players (top 3,000 on the personal leaderboard) will be able to exchange Bonds for one of the five tier X vehicles that were previously available (М60, VK72.01 K, Object 907, Т96Е6, 121B). In this case, all currently available bonds can be used (not only bonds that were earned during the event). This possibility will be available for a limited time after the end of the event. Players (who are interested in the vehicles) will be able to receive the desired vehicle for their collection, while other players will be able to spend the earned bonds otherwise. Badges, medals, camouflage patterns, and vehicles Badges Legend of the Global Map Hero of Operation Gambit MEDALS Champion Gambit medal Grandmaster Gambit medal Master Gambit medal Participant of Operation Gambit Epic Win CAMOUFLAGE PATTERNS Summer "digital" Desert "digital" Winter "digital" VEHICLES М60 VK 72.01 (K) Object 907 T95E6 121В Operation Gambit will be the most challenging task for both clan commanders and coordinators, and the clans in the top positions will be rightfully the best clans on the Global Map in 2017. The detailed Regulations of Operation Gambit will be provided later on the website. Roll out! Source: https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/clan-wars/global-map-campaign-op-gambit/
  10. The Evolution of Revan

    When I first started working on Star Wars™: Knights of the Old Republic™ in my early days at BioWare, I knew we were making something amazing. It wasn’t just the thrill of creating an RPG in the Star Wars™ universe, or being able to bring the Old Republic setting to a wider audience. Right from the beginning, I knew that the character of Revan was something special – a way for players to connect to the Star Wars universe and explore the duality of the light and dark sides of the Force™ in a new way. Because of this, I was convinced almost from day one that KOTOR was going to be a hit. But the success of our game, and the popularity of Revan as a character, exceeded even my expectations. Fans simply couldn’t get enough Revan. After the game, a comic series explored the backstory of the character, and I eventually wrote a novel to continue Revan’s adventures after the game. But many fans still weren’t satisfied, and to be honest I felt there was still more to explore with the character. With the release of Shadow of Revan, the 2014 expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, the conclusion of Revan’s tale was finally told. It’s amazing to me that the story of this character I helped to create has now spanned more than a decade. The tale of Revan winds its way through all the BioWare Old Republic games, uniting them with a shared heritage and mythology – a common thread linking KOTOR to SWTOR. Revan has become a part of Star Wars lore and an iconic figure in the Old Republic and a beloved fan favorite. I’ve come to accept that Revan no longer belongs to me… and perhaps never did. But I’m honored to have played a role in sharing and shaping Revan’s story, and I’m excited for a new generation of fans to experience it. Join us in celebrating the legacy of KOTOR and Revan here. Thanks for being a part of the Old Republic community! Drew Karpyshyn Senior Writer, BioWare Source: http://www.swtor.com/info/news/news-article/20171026
  11. Following the events of “Mirrors and Smoke”, the Lukari and Kentari began efforts to work together. The culmination of this effort is the Dranuur Colony in the Alpha Quadrant. With Season 14: Emergence, Dranuur Colony will become available as a new 5-tier joint Lukari-Kentari-themed Fleet Holding, available to all Fleets in Star Trek Online. Dranuur Colony will also feature many unlockable projects to improve both its visual appearance, as well as many standard conveniences for Captains at the colony. Fleets can also unlock inter-fleet shuttle capabilities that will allow for quick and easy access to Dranuur Colony. Below is a list of special unlocks for this Fleet Holding. Each unlock will be available for approximately two weeks. Project 3 – Colony Utility – Communications Tower Completing this project will add a Communications Tower to the far end of the island. Source: http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/10702454-dranuur-colony-fleet-holding-special-unlocks!
  12. The Mirror Invasion will be returning to Star Trek Online as part of a brand new limited time event starting on Thursday, November 9th at 8AM PST, and ending on Thursday, November 30 at 10AM PST. This event map will only be playable during this three week event timeframe. In addition to earning a choice of marks for playing the Mirror Invasion queued event, players can run a new reputation project to earn a huge reward of Dilithium, Marks, and a brand new unique ground weapon, Mirror Universe Phaser Dual Pistols! As the event begins, a number of rifts open around the map and ships from the Mirror Universe begin to cross over into ours. If left unchecked, the rifts will grow and launch more powerful ships. You must stop these ships before they can damage the station by either destroying the ships or by closing the rifts. The station is not entirely defenseless, but many of its defenses have been knocked offline in the initial salvos. There are four power substations around the map. Activate them and they will restore power to the station, which will in turn bring station defenses back online. After the initial stage of closing rifts, Vauthil Station emits an anti-tachyon pulse that sends the Mirror Universe ships back to their dimension. However, the Terran Empire launches one final assault, sending one of its special modified dreadnoughts through. These dreadnoughts have the ability to return to the Mirror Universe and will reappear through any open rift in the area. Players can earn marks by closing portals, keeping the station’s health high, leveling up the defenses of the station, and defeating the Mirror Dreadnought within the time limit. The number of marks rewarded varies based on player performance. Once a day, players will be awarded a Multidimensional Transporter for playing this event. By turning in 14 Transporters through the Reputation System, players will receive 50,000 Dilithium Ore, 500 Fleet Marks, 250 Marks of Your Choice and a brand new unique ground weapon, Mirror Universe Phaser Dual Pistols. Completing this project on any character will unlock this new weapon for all characters across your account, and additionally the other characters can still complete the project to receive the Marks and Dilithium Ore. Source: http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/10710674-the-mirror-universe-invades-star-trek-online!
  13. @treetom, Happy birthday old timer!
  14. Update - 9/13/2017

    Hello community! We wanted to keep you informed about what is going on. First, thanks for your patience through all of this. I know some of you had to re-create some of your accounts and we do apologize for that. Tbar: As some of you may already know, Tbar lives in the area affected by hurricane Irma. Currently he has communicated to us that he is OK but he is without power and internet. He will keep us posted of his situation and we will report back to you. 1PCDOC: 1PCDOC has been in and out of the hospital due to his health conditions. We just wanted you to keep him in your thoughts. When we hear more, we will keep you posted. Menu: We are working on the menu system to bring some structure to the website. IPS menus system has given us some trouble in the past, but we think with the latest release we are ready to push out our site menu. Themes: We have been working on new themes. We know some of you had commented that you didn't like the default IPS theme, so we have invested in some themes to bring back some color. You should see one of the new themes now as the default one. We wanted to get your feedback on it so please feel free to comment. Forum Structure: We are in the process of re-organizing our forum structure. We know some of the forums are old and we are aware of that. We have already completed the Community area and we invite you to provide feedback. We also have introduced "thread prefixes" to Soda & Coffee shop. Feel free to make some post in this general chat area and provide feedback. Moving Forward: We should have our SSL reinstalled in the next few weeks. We had some email issues and that should be resolved now so we can move forward with securing the website. Once that is secure we will be pushing with our marginalization of the forums and an overhaul of our forum permission system. We will also get our teamspeak squared away in the next few weeks. The teamspeak address will remain the same as it is today. We have enabled two-factor authentication with Google Authentication app. You can find the app in the IOS store for IPHONE or the Google Play store for Android phones. As always, thanks for your patience and please do provide us feedback about how we are doing and what you would like to see moving forward. Regards, Your ToWNet Team

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