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  1. A friend and I are planning starting a new outfit in Planet Side 2. Currently the outfit does not exist, and there are only four of us at the moment who wish to be in the outfit. To even consider creating the outfit I would like to have around 10+ people wanting to be in the group. Now some of you might know what Planet Side 2 is, but some of you do not. Planet Side 2 is a Future based game where the human race has expanded into the galaxy. Long story short, three factions fight over control of a colonized world. One is the Vanu which are humans with alien tech. They specialize in perks and maneuverability. Another is the Terran republic, which is the old government with the old military, who seek to suppress the people with classic and traditional forms of weaponry. They specialize in DPS and armor. Then there is the third faction, which the Outfit plans to be a part of, called the New Conglomerate. They are pretty much the Rebels. They focus on alpha damage, and heavy armor. Most of their weapons are designed to pack a punch, but have the highest kickback. In the game, the factions fight on a diverse area of 3 separate massive map, relatively the size of Skyrim each. Each faction competes for total control of each continent (map), but can never truly remove an enemy presence from the continent. The wars are infinite, the battles are usually over 100 people in the same square KM, and the servers usually have over 4k players on it. It is a First Person Shooter that combines the best of Battlefield Bad Company 2 and the Starwars Battlefront franchise. There are Tanks, Vtol, Gunships, Turrets, Humvees, APC, and if you want you can occasionally deep strike on to the battlefield as if you were a hell jumper from Halo. If any of you are interested in joining us, we plan on meeting on the West Coast server on every Saturday. Just send me a message if you are interested. I will be on team speak this Saturday as well if you wish to contact me there as well.
  2. head about that lad. I am sorry to hear about your mother. I hope that everything turns out for the best. We will be awaiting for your safe return.
  3. FPS players and platooning

    I have quite a list of FPS games, but my personal favorite currently is Planet Side 2. It is everything that a MMO FPS should ever be. It feels as if I am playing starwars battlefront once again. Most of your allies act as if they are AI anyhow, but the battles are massive. I was once in a battle holding up to 750 players in a bio dome. (Bio domes are these massive structures where they kinda have a map the size of a CoD map inside levitated hundreds of feet in the air. And now just imagine three different factions mobilizingtanks, transports, drop pods, aircraft heavy shuttle gunships and hundreds of respawning lemmings just competing for domination of a single dome. Life expectancy was less than two minutes in that dome. It was quite glorious.
  4. Here we GROW again!

    Good evening everyone. V.V I hope to see you all on the battlefield soon.
  5. FPS players and platooning

    Just a simple evaluation. I was just wondering how many people of the clan play other First person/Third person games. Games such as Planet Side 2, Fallout, Dark Souls, Minecraft, etc... I know how hard it can be to play these games without anyone to cooperate with or compete against. This would be a post where fellow clan members can post about their favorite First/Third person games. Simple things to start off with would be: What is your favorite First/Third person games? How often do you play? When do you play? Why you like the game? If possible, would you like to play it with others?
  6. Real Time Strategy players?

    I have Supreme Commander with the DLC forged aliance. I have all of the Command and Conquer series (preferring Generals with the DLC Zero Hour). I do play from time to time Star Craft II, but have been doing it less and less. I also have Wargame with the DLC Airland battle. Sadly I am not too good at that one. I also have Age of Empires (2 &3), Rome Total War II (only added Cesar in Gaul out of all DLC), Medieval Total War II with DLC, Total War Shogun II (no DLC), and all the Stronghold games excluding #3. No, sadly the list is not over. v.v I do have Dawn of Fantasy (free to play medieval fantasy RTS), and it is okay, but it is a watered down mmo version of the stronghold genera. I have Starwars Empire at War with the DLC, and finally reaching the end of my list, I had (I need to check to see if they are still there) all of the Company of Heros (1 & 2) and Dawn of War (1 & 2) series. As you can guess, I have a thing for RTS games. 9.9 And yes I do have other games, I currently am more into the 3rd person/small army commander mode at the moment, but if you need a second armchair general to assist you, do not hesitate to request my assistance.