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  1. Sins of a Solar Empire - Space RTS with Capital Ships and Titans

    Understood. Uni comes first like all Real Life. Gos
  2. Sins of a Solar Empire - Space RTS with Capital Ships and Titans

    Hi Lord Sunderland Thanks for the review. It sounds interesting. If you want to write a news article in our Tidal Times Space section about SoaSE you would be very welcome. Please go ahead and use the +create option at the to of the screen. Thanks. Gos
  3. 85 Sqn are ...

    Recruiting. Offering to teach all you need to get competitive within the IL2 Series if flight sims. Join a squadron that loves teamwork and combat effectiveness.... View full article
  4. 85 Sqn are ...

    Recruiting. Offering to teach all you need to get competitive within the IL2 Series if flight sims. Join a squadron that loves teamwork and combat effectiveness....
  5. IL2:BoS IL2:BoS - New Map

    Hi Gravedigger Great to have you back after all these years.... Yes, IL2 is one of the beter sims and VBF-12 are our mainstay squadron. We are still alive and kicking here at tides and still willing to support gamers everywhere. Great to see you getting back into IL2 and we can help with getting you going... Gos
  6. Star Citizen Alpha 3.1.0

    This update marks the first of four quarterly patches planned to be released this year, and the inaugural success of the new delivery schedule. At the start of the year, RSI internal teams underwent a restructuring to allow for easier coordination and focus on a particular aspect or feature. Find out more HERE: NEW FEATURES Character Customizer Logout Improvements Pirate Hunter Interdiction and Quantum Jamming Service Beacons Combat Markers Visor Screen New Ships and Vehicles New Ship Weapons Star Marine - New Weapons
  7. Meet and Greet


    I’m home for this weekend. First one for a while do priority will be to my Admin Authority (Wife) 😄😄😄 This website should adjust the time of this meeting to you time zone @CommanderBoyio . For me it’s 0100am this Sat morning
  8. Long awaited Battle of Kuban is released.

    Expand your IL2:Sturmovik experience into the Caucuses with IL2: Battle of Kuban New aircraft like the Spitfire, Boston and P-40 and a superb new terrain with mountains and sea. Overall this expansion has had the benefit of improving all of the IL2:Sturmovik series as the Stalingrad and Moscow terrain will also benefit from this update... Read more about this expansion here....
  9. Shipwrecks

    Yeah I heard. It’s fantastic footage.
  10. general chat Greetings And Salutations

    Storm Great to meet you. My PC has been down for some time... It was a fixed a while ago but I have been away for three weeks. Back now but I still have to pick up my PC tomorrow. Once its fully up and running, I will be getting back into the groove so to speak. Welcome to our forums, feel free to post. Thank you for being an active member of our community and hope to chat again on TS3 soon. Gos
  11. Snowing in Marseille !!!

    1. Tbar


      80 degrees .. you can have the snow!

  12. PC fixed but I’m in France!  Can’t wait to get back and play but it will be two weeks still to go!

  13. IL2:BoX in the Pacific.... ish!!!

    Interestingly, some players of IL2:Battle of Stalingrad have adapted the IL2:Battle of Kuban map to be the territory of the fighting around New Guinea and THe Solomons. They Have used the Spitfire and the P-40 for the allied planes and the MC202 as a Ki44 Tony and the FW190 as a zero. They have also included the Ju88 as the Betty. Surprisingly, with Japanese skins these aircraft look really very similar and the server as a whole has a real Pacific feel. Check it out... Gos
  14. project hudoria v2

    Impressive - does it move with the wind and creek etc?
  15. My Throttle Quadrant

    Although the basic throttle Quadrant is a Saitek (now Logitech) PZ45, I made the box below,,, As you can see the construction is using “Meccanno” but I am using Hall Effect ICs for the sensing of the controls. There are the following: Pitch Tribe - Large Black Wheel Rudder Trim - GreyWhell on Top Aileron Trim - Grey WAheel on the End Flaps - Grey Lever on End - All the above are geared down about 3:1 to make them less sensitive - IE about 3 full rotations for the Pitch trim which is very similar to the real aircraft. Infact testing within IL2:1946 showed that the pitch movement pretty much matched the graphic wheel movement in the aircraft! 7 x On - Off - On Self Cetering Switches allocated to Chocks and Tail Wheel Lock Dive Brakes and Bomb Bay Doors Flaps - For those games wher Flaps are no on a lever Undercarriage Fuel Cock and Fuel Selector Wing Fold And Arrestor Hook Anything else required.... 1 x On - Off - On Latched Switch that then runs through a push button covered switch to Safe/Arm Bombs and Jettison/Release Bombs - This means you can Set the bombs to Safe and then Releaseing them is effectively a Jettison 2 x Potentiometer sliders Water Radiator - Inlet Cowl Oil Radiator - Outlet Cowl The Circuit board that drive it all is a Leo Bonar BU0836A All in all most things are placed logically and so fall to hand when needed. Gosling

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