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  1. swellfella

    misunderstood orders

    Great idea! I'll try my best Das Boot Captain's tone...
  2. swellfella

    Vice Chief of the boat?

    I was wondering, for those, WWII sub buffs out there, when the skipper was releaved because of some badly needed sack time or whatever, it was generally the XO. I say generally, because as someone pointed out to me, the skipper can appoint just about anyone he thought competent to man the helm. My question -- the chief, the engineer, who in Das Boot, stands behind the plainsmen, who fills in for him? Was there a 'second' chief aboard? Was there a protocol for this?
  3. swellfella

    Longitude and Latitude

    Is it possible to place my craft on the seven seas using the logitude and latitude markings in the game? I've never quite understood the process in computing yr location via these settings. Particularly the idea of 'minutes,' time in discerning place on the globe! Besides being a math incompetent, I am totally befuddled in navagating the high seas in this manner! Is there anyone who can explain it in a ten year old's terms?
  4. swellfella

    misunderstood orders

    I know that most problems with the game misunderstanding orders are rooted in training the computer to familirize itself with your voice patterns and such. Prior to this new computer I have, I had little problem in that area. Now it's a major block in my smooth sailing with ert. I order pd and it screems emergency dive! I order rig for dive and get the same frantic dive order. I've voice trained at least four passages, adjusted and readjusted the settings, the problem persists. Are there any other causes of this glitch? Is the solution an unistall and reinstall? A funny thing: if I turn off the comp speaker before issuing orders there is no problem, the order gets implement posthaste! Think the problem might be in 'blowback, flowback," (whatever the term)? I've also switched mikes with no noticeable improvement.
  5. swellfella

    Ert Freezes

    Ah, ha! Had I an inkling the above were possible explanations for my present difficulties with ert, I would have fewer gray hairs! Why didn't you say so, Jes?? --just teasin'. I really do appreciate you tolerance and input. 'specially, this last, since it explains so much. Over and Out. Thanks...
  6. swellfella

    Ert Freezes

    One reason for my present config state is because everything has been running satisfactory. But a larger reason is, despite my ardent love for the genra, my paucity of knowledge. As much as I learn, I see how much I have yet to learn. Truthfully, I have never given thought to an increase in VRAM, 'cause, frankly, there was no call to. Now. I think this topic is exhausted, thankfully. I know what I have to do. But there is one final question. What are the reasons ERT would run OK under 64 then one day require more, assuming, all other things are equal? Does that happen often in gaming?
  7. swellfella

    Ert Freezes

    What a wealth of info there! Man, I thank you. Let me supply you with an update. I remove the vid card preparatory to exchanging it for one from an old comp (question: I have a RADEON 9000 64 RAM; does that mean it is 'better' than the present 8500 64 RAM?). Now this is proceeding under the assumption that the present one (the 8500) is 'fried.' When I removed it, I'm embarassed to say - bet you're not surprised - the thing was as thick with dust and grit as the floor under a sofa --I cleaned it up, thing looked almost brand new! I decided to put it back, now that it had been cleaned. Not suprisingly, the games ran smooth as silk except - you got it! - ERT. It ran somewhat smoother, tho' it was still far from playable (same jerky frame rate, sputtering and cracking sound)....Now either the card is damaged, or something elese I'm overlooking. (More that likely it's the card, right?) As I say, ERT ran sweet 'till just a while ago. D' ya think if I dust out the rest of unit, the CPU fan, etc., I may get a performance hit? (I'm only half-kidding.) Get back to ya...
  8. swellfella

    Ert Freezes

    Appreciate it, but check this: i had the same problem. The cause was the video card overheated too much to where the video card just didn't want to work properly, even idling in Windows. It's a hardware fault and you will need to replace it. I received this in reply at another forum. This was my reply: I'll be darn! That's the only thing that makes sense! I mean, I've played Enigma forever, with nary a bump...thanks so much. What's puzzling, is that I remove the sides to my comp, so it's weird it would overheat. I mean, I know that it can still get hot, after all, I probably turn it off and on more than average (I'm always toolin' around inside for one reason or another), but tell me: would that, constant re-booting be a contributing factor in it overheating? Is there a way in the BIOS I can gauge the temp to at least monitor it in future? Wow! this is mind blowin'. And further, does the display adapter and the CPU heat up to the same degree? Or being two entirely different devices, have different heat and cold tolerances? I'd appreciate your response to my reply, Jes-
  9. swellfella

    Ert Freezes

    I have VIA, Jesper. But before that, I think I may have a clue to what's going on. Firstly, other games are starting to act weird, freezing, hanging, etc. Whatever this is, it is affecting the display, graphic, redering aspects of gaming. The culprit may be DirectX. Tell me what you think: I get this message when I click the display tab in DirectX. Problems were found in the system registry. Details are available in the saved text file. You should reinstall DirectX to get the lates version. Which is exactly what I did. I un-installed DirectX (found a DirX freeware delete util). Cleaned the Reg. Then re-installed the latest version of DirectX. I still got that error mess. So now I'm going to consult greater minds them myself who know about such things and see what's going on. But I think it probably a good thing to get Starforce's latest driver (never occured to me), once I've settled the major problem. I will keep y'all posted. Thanks so much.
  10. swellfella

    Ert Freezes

    One thing is different, I'm running AVG free. I used to run Norton, I think. Anyhow, I uninstalled it, re-ran E:RT sans AVG...same thing. Dam! Other than enjoying arguably the best dam sea-going lick on my comp, I'm just frustrated I can't figure out what it is! I'm going to run a virus scan (other than AVG), (but why would a virus only effect this, my favorite game..is that what they call a smart virus?!) I dunno. I got the latest aud driver, vid driver, by chipset, you mean what? as you're reading this I will have checked into that, too. When E:RT froze a moment ago, I removed the disk (I know, I know) to see what would happen. The screen remained frozen a minute then I got the blue screen: process_has_locked_pages. Don't know if that is a result of my removing the disk, or if in fact that is what's going on. Have you ever heard of anything like this happening before? I'm not a newbie, I've been around the bush, so to speak, gaming-wise, have all sorts of weird things happen (and resolved, I might add) but this puppy's got me stymied! The screen just sits there...I've trived replacing CD/ROM's thinking maybe it's not running fast enough...that's not it (I've tried five so far) and again, the larger question, why was it running sucessfully for years with the same basic hook-up??? Owwwwww!
  11. swellfella

    Ert Freezes

    This is mind blowing. I've been playing E:RT for some time (yrs?) with the same config with no trouble (after an initial period of perplexity). Lately, the game loads, I get to the chosen screen, the sound and picture, stops and starts, sputters and eventually freezes stiff! I have to reset the entire comp each time. No other game does this. I recently bought a brand new copy of the game and it still happens. How could what worked before suddenly not work now?! Admittedly, I have dwnloaded other games, demos, etc. which may have had an adverse effect, but why on this game and not the thousand other games on my comp? I re-dwnload the graphic driver (It's still the same driver--same date). I unistalled E:RT and re-installed. (Is it possible for a game to develope a tolerance for a particular driver?) I fooled around with the sound hardware accelarator, (since the loud, sharp, scratchy, sound seems a part of this problem), with no luck. Is it possible my ancient, corrupted dial-up modem has anything to do with this? Recently I found out the modem was interferring with me receiving calls--all of a sudden. How? I dunno, but unhooking the line from the modem allowed me to get calls again. Again, this happened after working fine for the last two years. Below are my stats. I'd truly appreciate any input. WIN XP AMD Athlon XP 1800+ RADEON 8500 1.6 GHz 640 MB RAM C 20 GB D 40 GB
  12. swellfella

    Where To Find Submarine Models/kits?

    Thanks. That occured to me, in fact, I googled as mentioned. Thought maybe folks here who are into subs to a degree would recommend some sources based on personal exerience...
  13. swellfella

    B-tac Display

    Jes, surely you jest! Firstly, I would've thought you above anyone else would make full use of E:RT's unique features. Other than kick-ass graphics, the various ways in which the interface mimics actual uboot mechanics is one of the outstanding features of this sim. The various ways in which to set deph, gyros, speed, etc. [And in every sub movie made there is the scene with the sailor with the stop watch in hand counting off seconds 'till topedo impact (E:RT's time clock metioned above)]. I mean if you just want to point-and-shoot, you may as well play Steel Tide! (My problem is in figuring out how they work. ) And I somewhat perplexed that you say so meticulos a sim uses the radar rings as an aproximation, an estimate! That the first ring in 8 k meters is in actuality 2340 meters (acording to my measurements) leaves me scratching my noodle! Is it possible to quiz East on this? :!?:
  14. swellfella

    ...trouble Nuking Starforce!

    You probably haven't if you'd not noticed. I have, and there is. It would be intresting to see what others say about the difference among various versions. Oh! My mistake in the STF matter. I was unnder the impression that it removed the utilitly from the actualy loading of the game. IOW, the game would load sans STF. Sorry 'bout that.
  15. swellfella

    ...trouble Nuking Starforce!

    Thanks, J. Apprecieat your response. But, Ironically, in answer to your inquiry about me loving E:RT enough to put up with STF, you'd have to check out my recent answer to your reply under another topic re: pathching E:RT. Sorry to be so mysterious, but I think you'll appreciate the irony once you read my reply. Again, my gratitude.

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