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    No-Win Scenario Rebooted.

    Today, Sunday 2013-12-15 was our normal run on No-Win, and we beat level 8! Using gravity well 'bombing' on the warhead platforms was very effective in stopping the warheads, combined with using repulsor beams to push hostiles into the same gravity well, allowed the AoE that the warheads create...
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    No-Win Scenario Rebooted.

    Saturday, 2013-12-14 we ran more practice on No-Win, and got to level 8. Some observations from the Science Department to slow or stop npcs: Repulsors and Graviton Beams are a must to push away hostiles.  Push away the large ships far enough, and they no longer advance, usually if beyond 10km...
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    How To Convert Your Other Toons Into Cash Cows.

    I'd like to hear from other members, what they do with their other characters wealth. I keep it pretty basic, make only the max amount of Dlithium on other characters they can refine, and then buying key packs, converting that into EC. At current prices, that is about 7x1.8mil EC each week...
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    There can be more than one Avatar 8-)

    There can be more than one Avatar 8-)
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    Intellectual Talk What Is Your Good Deed For The Holiday?

    Most good deeds that are done, are not done for a thank you, or brownie points, you do them so that you feel good about what you have done and yourself.  You help others to help yourself. If you have a good story for the holidays or this year where you did a good deed for someone, please share...
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    No-Win Scenario Rebooted.

    2013-12-8:          No-Win Scenario Report. Participants:       Ydde, Dack, Sebot, Ler, Maurafey Time:  3pm EST until 4:30pm on Sunday. A bit of honesty first, we had a long discussion about No-Win before 3pm, and we debated about how to organize the practice sessions and the actual...
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    How To Grow Your Winter Tribble - Ty Shroud!

    Shroud answered the question where to get your Winter Tribble. You Just breed it! Take any holiday food, put it in your inventory with any tribble, and it will eat the holiday food and become a winter tribble! Here is a link with information for all...
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    Movies & TV Battlestar Galactica - This Is The Stuff We Really Wanted To See.

    If you recall, the first battle between colonial forces and the cylons in the original series, was a fight of decent length, as opposed by the recent BSG series, where the colonial fleet got switched off and blown out of the sky. The following production is what we really would have preferred...
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    Workaround For Batteries Dropping Out Of Tray

    Thanks bud, it is an annoying problem that needed a fix.  Much Appreciated.
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    Elachi Carrier Setup Discusion

    Correction, this is actually the new Obelisk Carrier, not the carrier from the Elachi LockBox.
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    Elachi Carrier Setup Discusion

    Hi There, I ran across an Elachi Carrier setup that got 13k dps on ISE: 13000dps on ISE   Weapons: 6 Antiproton Beam Arrays - Accuracyx2 2x Advanced Fleet Antiproton Beam Arrays MK XII  Dmgx2 Accx2 3x Voth Antiproton Beam Array Mk XI Accx2 Dmg 1x Omni-Directional Antiproton Beam Array Acc Dmg...
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    What's In A Lockbox As Of 2013-11 Greetings Captains!   The Lobi Crystal Consortium (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quark Enterprises) has announced that they are no longer going to be offering the Elachi Lock Box as in-game drops and rewards as of Tuesday, November 12, 2013. Now’s...
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    Sphere Of Influence = Get Your Free Carrier

    The newest mission is Sphere of Influence, it will net you a new carrier, a doff, and some advanced fighters for the carrier. We had an MOTD that gave the steps needed to complete to get the bonus DOFF and the adv. fighters, but it was removed as of today.  Can we get that back, it was very...
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    Thank You For The Updated Website - Waaaayyy Better!

    Thank you to who ever did the work to update our website, the new skin is excellent.  The website is much faster than the old one. AWESOME!!!
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    The Crystalline Entity Event!

    I've been trying to run the event everyday to get the shards.  You too!  It only takes about 30minutes to get in and get it done.  You can do it!! 8-)