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    =AAI= Roll Call

    Captain_Data to the rescue. Information: Classified
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    Guess who's playing

    Oh yes, yours truly is now playing War Thunder. I have been postponing it because a player could dumb down the graphics so you could see tanks easier across the map. Because other tank games are disappointing I have installed and played it for a few days now. AAI is a nice gang of weirdo's...
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    Chat I am not dead...just real busy

    In the words of Paul Young: Come back and and stay :-)
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    No Man's Sky

    There is not a lot of info available about NMS, because they want to keep the hype alive. Gameranx is a nice YT channel with short to the point video's about various things. They have recapped info about NMS in a short video
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    The space genre is popular again. Luckily for us aliens. Paradox Interactive is specialized in making Grand Strategy games. They have a lot of depth, they look good and they have a loyal group of players Their new game is called Stellaris, available may 9 Check it out...
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    Atlantic Fleet

    I'll bet Gosling will soon kick your *** in his Royal Marine HMS Hood :-)
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    ADR1FT is the story of an astronaut who wakes up floating silently in space amongst the debris of destroyed space station…the only survivor of a catastrophic event, left with no memory, a critically damaged EVA suit leaking oxygen and no way home. Developer:
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    Another space game on Kickstarter
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    No Man's Sky

    Space loving donkey's, You might have heard about this game. It's been in development for a few years now. It's a survival game in space. It is not your typical game. Progress in the game is actually that you venture out deeper in space, making playing with your friends hard. And I like that...
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    Fleet Operations

    I'm in Carriacou now.
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    Chat It's my birthday and I drink if I want to

    If you want to be congratulated, only one way. Cake. gratz I reserve the first piece
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    Fleet Operations

    I have a brig and a snow. I'm located atm in Charlestown. Waiting for Jester to come back because taking down two ships by myself is rather tough.
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    Deliver us the Moon

    A new kickstarter project Check out some footage here
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    Planet Nomads

    Planet nomads got funded on kickstarter with 6 days left, and more cash is coming in. Watch the new video on physics
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    You Tube Channels?

    I occasionally make some videos. Here is my channel