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World of Warships: Submarines Arrive

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    The day has finally come, captains!

    Submarines are LIVE in World of Warships!

    I’ve been playing them for about a week now and they’re kind of squishy, but if you can get past the destroyers you can wreak havoc on the enemy team’s battleships.

    I believe they will make some tweaks as more people play with/against the submarines. For example: I think the battleships that have anti submarine planes are a bit over powered. They will probably adjust the depth charge damage at some point.

    Almost all depth charge runs will result in a sub being sunk – this is something I think they should work on as well.

    Overall, I think it’s fun – it’s 100% punishing if you get caught!

    Check out these videos and the “How to Play Submarine” guide posted over at WOW.

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