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      Team Speak   12/06/2017

      Team Speak can be accessed by the following address:   ts.tidesofwar.net  no port number needed, no password needed. Clan, Club and Group leaders will love this new feature where you can access our TS server by simply typing "tow" in the address line! Anyone can do it. It makes giving out the address or IP number a thing of the past because its actually Team Speak itself that converts that "nic-name" to our ip address. So even if we move or change IP's Team Speak will take you to the right server Tides Server.
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Welcome And How To Join the FLH

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Welcome to the Future Legends and Hero's Forums !

FLH members have their own Team  Speak area, Forums Areas, Game servers and such.

If YOU would like to be a member of this elite fighting force, an awesome fighting force, then meet one of the FLH members on Team Speak and get the info .. or fill out the "Enlistment" form.

Ranks: There are NO Ranks .. all Soldiers are equal.
Leaders of the FLH are assigned and supervised by ToW Club Family.
Activities: FLH members fight alongside ToW Club Members and in general are invited to participate with games, scrims, teams, etc right alongside ToW Club Members. WE are referred to as the ToW Club Family, that is ToW and FLH members.
Tags: Tag Format: FLH_You name Uppercase F L H underscore _ followed by your game name, first letter in Caps

FLH Club Admittance:
To be accepted into the FLH you must "Enlist", After the review process you will receive an email with instructions. It is best to hang on Team Speak and let the guys get to know you.. and learn the system and rules.

Team Speak
You can join the FLH Team Speak from the front page of the FLH site. You do not need to fill in any information .. just hit 'connect'. It would be best to fill in a nic name so you don't show on TS as 'guest'. Once on Team Speak .. drop down to the FLH room and chat with the boys .. or hang in the HELP room until a ToW Member can speak with you and give you directions and info.

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