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Lord Sunderland

Sins of a Solar Empire - Space RTS with Capital Ships and Titans

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Sins of a Solar Empire is an absolute masterpiece. 




It's a Real Time Strategy Game in which you fight over planets (Multiple Solar Systems available in one game). 

- Three Races: TEC (Human), Vasari (Alien), Advent (Space Psychic Ladies). 
- Each Race has "Rebels" and "Loyalists" ensuring there are basically Six Factions. 
- Diplomacy with "Pacts" that give you sexy bonuses.
- Capital Ships have magic powers, like Heroes from Warcraft III. 
- Ludicrious Fleet Sizes. 
- Pirate NPC Faction that will raid for sport. 
- Multiplayer
- Crazy AI (if you set it)
- Fantastic Music

DLC adds:
- Miltia (Constantly Spawning NPC Fleets. Neutral Planet creates Neutral Militia. Allied Planets create Allied Militia).
- Galaxy Events and Disasters
- Planet Specialisations that change resource modifiers.
- Maps

Add me on steam if you fancy a game or two. 

Steam Me.PNG

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Hi Lord Sunderland

Thanks for the review. It sounds interesting.

If you want to write a news article in our Tidal Times Space section about SoaSE you would be very welcome. Please go ahead and use the +create option at the to of the screen. 



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