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The space genre is popular again. Luckily for us aliens.

Paradox Interactive is specialized in making Grand Strategy games. They have a lot of depth, they look good and they have a loyal group of players


Their new game is called Stellaris, available may 9


Check it out here https://www.paradoxplaza.com/stellaris or here http://www.stellarisgame.com/


Here is the trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJYRLFvJVFg

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Necro Bump!

Stellaris 2.0.2 is out and it's even better than before!
It's got clearly establish battle lines now and you fight over every star system. Takes days or even weeks to properly "finish" a game but it supports a canny amount of people in a game.  

If anyone wants to play don't hesitate to add me on steam.


Steam Me.PNG

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Stellaris 2.1 (Niven) Update and Distant Stars DLC is out. 

It's absolutely incredible. 2.1 has DOUBLED the number of anomalies and reformed the discovery system significantly.
More events to help and hinder your empire ensure that variety is the spice of life.

Visually, there are now Binary and Trinary systems.

Gameplay wise there are a myriad of fixes and balances including new technologies and new structures and science ships now have the ability (once researched) to directly travel to any revealed system. This allows you to continue your discovery even after being surrounded by enemies.


The DLC brings the  "L-Cluster" and the "L-Gates". It's a constellation outside the galaxy that houses great riches, true horrors, and a terrible secret... 

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