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intellectual talk A guide to a happy life.

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NEVER:  Spit into the wind...

ALWAYS:  Take care of your family.

REMEMBER:  To never talk politics with Tbar (he is sensitive that way...) Gotcha Tbar.

NEVER:  Forget your anniversary...

ALWAYS:  Be kind to pets.  (We are Gods in their eyes.)


NEVER:  Believe that "How much do you love me?" is not a loaded question.

ALWAYS: Finish what you start.  Be a "Do'er"

REMEMBER:  For 95% of the worlds population religion is a core belief.  Do not walk on it.

NEVER:  Go bear (or Shrek) hunting with a switch...

ALWAYS:  Take the garbage out.  If you don't you'll never hear the end of it...

REMEMBER:  The general population is angry, lazy and stupid so try not to stand out too much...

NEVER:  Stop to smell the roses when your being chased by a Lion...

ALWAYS:  Have a plan B, plan A doesn't always work out...

REMEMBER:  A persons heart is like a grab bag, you never know what is inside...

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