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Bomb arming

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Many have experienced dropping your bombs and not having them go off.  As you are probably aware this is due to the bomb arming time (not the bomb delay which you set).  Today I found out (through testing and forum reading) that there is a inverse correlation between the bomb delay that you set and the bomb arming time.  The longer you set the delay, the shorter the arming time.  The sweet spot seems to be a 5 second delay, at which point the arming time is negligible.  The end result is that you can drop your bombs right on the deck and still have them go off.  This is important when skip bombing also.


I also tested jettisoning bombs on an apron and they still do not explode.


The only down side is if you're dropping bombs on AAA they have more time to shoot at you.


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Great efforts Stick

So you recommend 5sec as a default bomb delay for 12.OIAE Ops.

Sounds good.

I suppose we don't HAVE to go super low against AAA. It just improves our accuracy.

I still need a good dive bomb aiming technique. An approximate 40 degree dive to the target keeping it in the bottom of the gunsight and let it slide below for a second or so seems to work but I am not consistent.

Any advice?

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